Friday, June 08, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting

This weekend I will have the distinct pleasure of playing babysitter to the baby Jackson as his parents will be at youth conference.

I'm looking forward to getting to spend the weekend with the little darling. I'll be sure to put up a post of all the fun things we did together (I know there will be much to report!)

Also as a shout out to my own niece Canyon- Sydnee entered her into the Orem Summerfest baby contest. The contest is tomorrow morning and I want to wish her luck. I think she is ridiculously adorable but now we will see what a panel of judges have to say on the matter.


PJC said...

I didn't enter Clementine in the contest because after my heart-wrenching experience with the contest for the Utah Valley Magazine, I decided that baby-contest judges are completely incompetent. (Maybe if I knew one of the judges...hmm.) Have fun with Jackson!

shoeaddict said...

Would love to hear from you again! Hope all is going well!!

Anonymous said...

Chea has a blog.