Monday, February 27, 2006

So Here's the Thing.......

The massage I was telling you all about on Friday certainly didn't dissapoint. In fact it exceeded my expectations. Upon arriving I was ushered in to a "relaxation room" where I enjoyed some sort of chilled herbal water which I have no doubts was rather good for me.

Following a brief sit down there I was ushered into a private room with a delcious deep soaking tub. Candles were lit and relaxing music was playing while my spa assistant sprinkled something she termed "pixie dust" into the water which I then proceeded to soak in before my massage even began. It was a dream!

So obviously that experience alone would have satisfied all my weekend desires but it turns out St. G had even more to offer me. Here's a rundown of the weekend:

Friday night- arrived in St. G around 8:30 P.M. checked into the hotel and was promptly asleep by 9:30. Devry might remember this kind of amazing vacation time schedule from our cruise.

Saturday morning (pay attention here people, this is where it starts to get really good!)-
7:50 A.M.-Forced Kristen to get out of bed and out the door so we could beat the rush at this delightful breakfast place on Main Street called the Bear Paw. This place is truly to die for. They have this Pina Colada breakfast drink that is a dream. Also the most delicious waffles, pancakes and pretty much a unique twist on anything your heart could possibly desire for breakfast. If you have never been here you must put it on your to do list the next time you are in the George!

9:00 A.M.-After a most delicious breakfast we stopped by a little bookstore next to the Paw and picked up some reading material, then back to the hotel to relax until it was time to head out to our massages.

2:15 P.M.-The massages ended and since it was truly a gorgeous day we didn't want to waste it in our hotel room! We made our way over to the St. George Temple. It was truly as beautiful and peaceful as always.
sidenote: I've always loved this temple. The old school architecture and just the history of it I definitely feel drawn to it.

We took a seat on some benches out in front, soaked up the sun and had a wonderful conversation. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

6:00 P.M. - We head out to dinner. You should be getting the sense by now that we did indeed eat ourselves into a little bit of oblivion. What could we do? We only had one day to sample all of the delights St. George had to offer. For this adventure we picked a local restaurant called The Painted Pony.

We started with some appetizers. Kristen had the French onion soup which they served in a bowl made out of an actual onion! I had some sort of delight called an Iceburg wedge. For more details check out.

7:00 P.M.- Kristen and I are tucked up into our beds enjoying an ashpalt pie which we picked up from Winger's and watching Apolo Anton Ohno race for Gold in the short track.

9:30 P.M.- I don't actually get to see Apolo Anton Ohno win the Gold in the 500 meters because I'm in a food coma and I just can not keep my eyes open. I decided I can catch the highlights on Tivo when I return home and enjoy a very peaceful nights sleep.

Sunday Morning

noon- Kristen and I are driving home after a wonderful albeit quick weekend.

So there you go folks. The recap of my St. George get away. Now back to reality and my new diet which consists of mostly fruits and vegetables which I will be enjoying for nine days. You know what they's either feast (see above) or fruit and vegetable induced famine.

Friday, February 24, 2006

On a lighter note

So yesterday I'm reading an article on titled "The Best Time to Do Everything". The article suggests that to fight off the winter blues you should schedule a vacation somewhere warm the last week of February or first week in March.

As if we needed any more proof of my genius, turns out I have a getatway already planned for this weekend! Am I intune with my internal body clock or what!

This weekend I will be tossing my cares away at a delightful spa in St. G called Green Valley Report & Spa. Think of me tomorrow at 1:00 pm MST as I experience a massage called

Steaming Stones

Description below taken from their website at

As smooth warm stones glide over the skin to dissolve tense, tight tissues within, sweet smelling grasses activate the olfactory system to combat emotional distress and the muffled cadence of native drumming lulls the busy mind into a blissful state of sweet surrender and rest.

Could this be a little slice of heaven right here on earth, you ask yourself? Never fear dear reader I won't fail to report back on this delight which I'll be honest I think has every chance of not disappointing in the slightest.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Sims and Me: A lethal combination

Reading the words "expansion pack" posted recently in a blog entry on I can't help but think of the Sims. I'm reminded of my obsession with the game and how after spending days building just the right house with just the right furniture and spending all the energy it takes to get my female and male Sim to fall in love I was asked the fateful question, "Do you want to have a baby?"

A simple enough question to be sure, and since I have always been quite fond of children I remember answering yes to said question. Then after the baby "poofed" into my Sims life and I shut down the game. I took myself to bed where lying there, unable to sleep I wrestled with thoughts such as.....
"Am I ready to have a baby? I can't have a baby! I don't know if I'm ready for this kind of responsibility. Who will stay home to take care of the infant? How can I keep my comfort, energy and fun levels high with an infant in tow? I can't live on only one income!" (this was obviously before I discoverd the joys of rosebud which would provide me with an endless supply of cash.)

Needless to say that after one severely sleepless night I decided I wasn't ready to be a Mom and proceeded to bulldoze my house immediately. While this might seem a cruel way to get rid of your Sims child you shouldn't feel to badly.........believe me, my later Sims children didn't meet nearly such a kind fate. A few of the children, I'm ashamed to say, either drowned in the pool or were carted of to military school.

Lest you have the thought here that the Sims child protection services was not doing their job, let me assure you that I had at least 3 children that I can think of taken away by said agency. The system didn't fail my kids, that burden lies squarely on my shoulders.

As I sit here and reminisce I can't help but worry that even though I refuse to play the Sims these days, as it really is a diabolic time sucker and clearly brings out the worst in me, that potentially my performance in this virtual world doesn't bode well for my future skills as a real life Mom.