Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is this guy a moron

Tyler Nelson.....Seriously? He thought this was ok? On a list of people you probably don't want to tick off in Hollywood I'd think that Steven Speilberg tops the list.

Does anyone else but me think that the quote, "Who knows whether that particular person will ever work in this town again?" is an understatement.

The Arc

I'm clearly on a roll. The gym 2 days in a row? I'm proud of my will power already.

Yesterday's visit showed me some new delights. I did some resistance training for my arms and some abs and then headed over for some tv watching and cardio. Sadly I was thwarted in my tv watching as I somehow managed to leave the house without my earphones.

On the recommendation of Dana I decides to try the Arc Trainer. This deceptively benign looking machine is anything but. At one point in the work out I was sure that my heart would burst out of my chest. After my hour long cardio session on Monday I was not one bit sore. After 30 minutes on this little beauty I needed a massage and an all over ice pack (not necessarily in that order).

Oh it's good to be a gym rat!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gym-e Gym Gym

This weekend I joined the gym. It was time. I have been meaning to do so for about 3 months now. Last night was the season premier of Heroes. Since it conflicted with Monday night football I decided to go to the gym and watch it while I worked out.

Turns out having your first day back at the gym be an hour long cardio session? Probably not the wisest of ideas. Here's hoping any show I want to watch tonight is only 30 minutes :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been tagged

The assignment is to list 5 unknown facts about me. This could be a tall order as I'm fairly certain that my life is an open book and I can't imagine what one would not know about me. Yet I will press on and do my best.

1. In ninth grade I purposely flirted shamelessly with a fellow peer tutor. Knowing full well that he was starting to like me and I did not like him I still flirted. I then strung him along for a few weeks before breaking his poor heart (he got over it). But still I was traumatized with myself for being capable of willfully and purposely hurting someone in that way.

2. Someday I want to be in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So much so that I've researched (and been freaked out by) what it would take to do so. Let's just say I will need a) a miracle b) a singing tutor c) for Craig Jessop to be suffering from a slight ear infection when I audition. Yet still my dream persists.

3. I sometimes pretend to be better or know more about things than I actually do. It's a combination of A.S.S. and oldest child syndrome.

4. I listen to ESPN radio, NPR and other talk radio shows whilst all the time making fun of others for listening to talk radio (especially my father). It's a total guilty pleasure.

5. I love slightly racy teen trash dramas. I know I shouldn't I know they are inappropriate and I am frequently appalled at my self and yet I have not been able to overcome my weakness. Latest show I'll be pretending not to watch (while secretly not missing an episode). Gossip Girl on the the new CW.

Tagged...........Lacy Eloise

Visit from the Windy City

My good friend Jodie is in town for the week. I miss her and haven't seen her since January of this year. It was so good to get together. I got to see her gorgeous baby Henry and we went out and had sushi and just talked and talked last night.

She will be moving to Utah for a few months starting in November while her husband does some recruiting for work and I couldn't be more excited about it. On tap this week is a fondue party with the Borg's (Jared and Jodie) and the Taufer's (Brett and Julie).

It's like an Eclipse reunion. Who would have thought that the biggest blessings to come out of that job would be my 2 dear friends. It's a beautiful thing how the Lord puts us in specific places to receive specific blessings. I'm always amazed at how mindful he is of me and truly grateful for all the blessings I have.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Other News

I went to a singles ward for church yesterday. Haven't really been to one since I've been home. The lesson in the 3rd hour. Marriage and how to steps to making yours better.

I thought the teacher was really well prepared and had some good insights and adjustments to the lesson for all us singles.Really though, is there anything more entertaining then a bunch of singles talking about marriage. I honestly don't think so.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Devry and other Delights

It's been so much fun having Devry back with us. We've had such fun whilst she's been here. Thursday we went to the OG for some dinner with Kristen we had a good time on a girls night out chatting and such.

Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving Point to try the salads at The Harvest Restaurant. They were indeed delicious. Devry got the Antipasti steak salad and I had Chipotle Chicken. Just for fun we also decided to go with some dessert and we samples the Lemon-Lavendar and Honey Cheesecake. Which I must say was very, very good.

Next stop was Auntie Candy's where we were hoping to catch our favorite engaged couple Megs and Kody but alas they were not there. Still we pressed on and had a lovely chat with Lance, Candy and fam.

We followed it up that evening with screenings of "What a girl wants" with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. Then a little bit of the Olsen twins in New York minute.

Obviously it was a girls day out extravaganza and good times were had by all. Now I just hope that somehow Devry will still be here for friday when we can catch Ms. Amanda Bynes in her latest flick. Sidney White......Can't wait!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

At the suggestion of Penee's good friend Xanthe I went to the Utah Wellness Center recently. From previous post you know that getting the blood drawn was a bit traumatic.

Yesterday I had a follow up appt to discuss the findings of the tests. They tested all sorts of things like insulin levels, thyroid function, estrogen and progesterone levels, adrenal gland function etc.

I have not been feeling quite "right" for some time now. Two years ago at the suggestion of my doctor I had a thyroid test done and was told I was just borderline underactive. Since that time I've had increased trouble sleeping, hair loss, dry skin, and other complaints (I will spare you all the details).

The good news from the tests is that I'm not pre diabetic. I have good Cholesterol and am for the most part healthy.

The hormone part of the tests showed that I produce way to much Estrogen and not enough progesterone. So I was given a progesterone cream. Also that my adrenal glands aren't functioning very well so I was told to continue using the multi-vitamins I am already taking.

Then she said that my thyroid function was low. Just the T3 and DHEA parts (apparently your thyroid is a multi part) so she gave me a small dose of thyroid and some DHEA.

Finally (and this was the worst part for me) she recommended that I get a B complex injection once a week for a month. This was injected right into my backside (which was a little less than delightful).

Basically I don't really know what all the above mumbo jumbo means really. But I sure do hope it makes me feel better :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pretty, Pretty

I went to a jewelry party yesterday hosted by my fantastic cousin Whitney. I bought way to much but here are a few of the delights that Lex, Mom and I sampled (and purchased). There are 2 other amazing necklaces that I purchased as well, although I can't find the pics of them at the moment.I got these earrings above and lex got the ones below.

I haven't bought a fun piece of jewelry for myself in such a long time and I really liked the stuff that they had. So now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new purchases.

Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fun Accomplished

Lacy, P and I had a most delightful time in Sunny SD. Saturday upon arrival we loaded up what felt like a mountain of luggage into our VERY compact Kia (did I mention I am a notorious over packer). We quickly found our hotel and set out to explore. We hit up a delightful little Bistro just around the corner from us. After savoring the delights of said Bistro we then proceeded to go to the pool for some maxin' and relaxin' Here is a shot of P and I enjoying some aunt/niece pool time.

The following day we went to Church where I had an, "it's a small world after all" moment. There were lots of visitors due to it being Labor Day and there was a woman there visiting her daughter who I randomly sat next to on one of my flights out to Ireland. Good times.

Later that day we, along with about a million other people went out to Coronado Island. It was honestly so hot that we all thought we would melt. This is when I decided that perhaps I was over-moisturized. From this point on I ramped down the morning lotion. Here we are having our best attempt at a self portrait whilst waiting to eat some pizza at one of the only air-conditioned restaurants on the island (hence why we picked it).

Monday we spent out at La Jolla. I have never been but the view was stunning and it really wasn't all that crowded. It was a most delightful place to introduce little 'Nella Bean to the ocean. Here she is in all her "first day at the beach" glory.

Here is her Auntie and Mom, with perhaps a little less glory but loving the company and scenery none the less.

We finished up our luxuriously fun time on Tuesday at Mission Beach. We walked the boardwalk there and decided that next time we go to California we will rent one of the plethora of beach front properties that are at the coast. Here is 'Nella and I getting in some last minute bonding time on the boardwalk.

I arrived home last night 45 minutes late as our plane had to circle due to the thunderstorms we experienced in Utah last night. I guess this really might have been the last hurrah of summer :)