Friday, March 06, 2009

V formation

This picture was taken by our family friend Becky right before Lexi left on her mission.

I think she did such a fantastic job and this picture is before she worked her magic in photoshop. I'm told the final product is stunning!

Yesterday Austin came over and gave me my Birthday gift. He had told me in January that he would come over and help me hang some shelves and pictures. He came over last night, hung all my stuff and stayed for dinner, some Wii action and a little A.I. Have a mentioned that I love this man.

At Lexi's farewell one of my Mom's Visiting Teachers told her that Austin, "is a good man". She could tell just by looking at him, and she was right. He is a delight to be around.

Last week in Relief Society as part of the lesson we talked about the nature of Geese and why they fly in their distinctive "V" formation. Each goose takes a turn being out front in the point. It's the most physically taxing position and once they've filled their duty there they fall back to the end which is where all the Geese in front of them cause an updraft and they can relax a bit and benefit from the work of those in front.

Everyone takes a turn helping to lift and make things a little easier for those behind them. That's how I feel about all these dear people in the picture above. Everyone of them has helped and lifted me at times when I was not up to take point in our family V.

It doesn't stop there, I'm sure everyone feels this way but my extended family are some of the absolute greatest flock around. I feel so loved and supported from every one of my wonderful Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

But wait my flock doesn't end there, my friends are truly incredible. Loving, talented, funny spiritual, powerful. They are a true gift from God and I'm telling you , I feel the power of that gift....daily.

I'm a blessed, blessed girl and I feel the joy that comes with the blessing of the V. Thanks to all of you, thanks for letting me be a part of your flock.