Saturday, February 23, 2008

Top Night Ladies, Top Night!

Hat's right off to Kathleen, Devry and Dana for throwing an amazing shower. What a fun time! The theme was pink and we all wore some pink and ate a lot of pink food.

Here is a pic of all the delicious eats before we decimated them. It was all so delicious.

Here is one of the Pink ladies anticipating the delights to come.

Three cousins who can't wait to meet Cate.I obviously had to snap a photo with the beautiful mother to be.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Party Time

I got to go to a fun party last night. It was in honor of my good friends little boy. Baby T turns one this month but we decided to celebrate a little early since his grandparents were in town from New York.

Here are some highlights of the evening!

This is a shot of the cake Julie made, it was incredible.

Here's Mom helping J eat his personal Birthday Cake. He wasn't so sure about it, but mom convinced him it was delicious :)

The Borg's also made a guest appearance at the party. Jodie is not pictured but aren't her two guys fabulous. I can't wait to meet H's little bro due in just over a month!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I booked a flight to head down to Sierra Vista to be there for Peeps first Birthday. Lucky Me I'll soon behold the cuteness in person.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Be My Valentine

My valentine is the most adorable ever. He may not be very tall (under 3 ft). He may be a little unsteady on his feet (just started walking) but he already has a way with the ladies. This may be because like any good guy he gets advice on how to make Valentines Day special from another special lady, his Mom.

I got to spend time with this great little guy while his parents went out to a movie last night. He definitely hit all the Valentine's Day bases. Candy, Flower, Card, Gift. I thought the Mr. Potato Head was an especially nice touch. I tell you what, he my have spoiled me for future Valentine's. My next one has a lot to live up to :)

Thanks Taufer family. I love you guys!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I woke up suffering from this ailment, not so much a delight. Everything is spinning and I just feel nauseous. I made an error in judgment by thinking it would pass and driving myself to work. I now can make an educated guess as to how it must feel to drive drunk.

Let's just say I was most definitely a danger to myself and others. After suffering through a nearly intolerable feeling that if I moved my head in the slightest degree I would throw up, I finally made an appt with my doctor.

Turns out there is nothing they can do about, thanks doc. Can I have my 15 dollars back?

He did give me some anti nausea, dizziness pills and told me that is should last about a week and then after that I will probably be lightheaded for another month.

Sweet!! When asked if it will be worse in the morning I was informed that it will get worse and better whenever it so chooses. There will be no rhyme nor reason. So the good news just kept on coming from the doctor.

After taking a pill I did feel better for a bit but now it's clearly starting to wear off and I'm wondering to myself, how on earth I'm going to manage to drive myself home from work.

So pray for me....seriously pray and should you see a white Hyundai on the road get over in the other lane or better yet exit the freeway all together. Believe me it is best for your personal health and safety.


I had an opportunity on Saturday to attend the Worldwide leadership training. Afterwards a group of people from my former ward went down to the Food & Care coalition to serve lunch. I was struck once again by how serving others just fills up your heart. I felt such a deep gratitude for the many blessing that I enjoy. Health (both mental and physical), a wonderful job that allows me to support myself with both food and a place to live, and the gospel which gives meaning and purpose to all that I do.

It was a joy to spend a few hours serving others and I'm glad for the remembrance of blessings this experience brought to my heart.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Among other things this is a picture of a project I accomplished in the condo this weekend. Really is there anything better than an organized closet. Now I have all my games and crafts organized and ready to use.

My new roommate moved in last night. Welcome to Lexi Jo!! I can't wait to be part of all the 20 year old hi-jinks that will now ensue at our new place. I came home from work last night to her smiling face watching some T.V. and stinking up the place with her popcorn. Welcome Lex, welcome :)

Finally a gratuitous pic of Canny Rose because I just can't help myself.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weddings and Pizza

Could anything be better? Last night Devry and I went to our friend Kaelyn's wedding. The bride looked beautiful and it was so much fun catching up with our friends from Chamberry days. After the reception the Peine's, Devry and I went over to Pizzaria 712 at midtown village. It's become quite the favorite. Afterward the Peine's came over to check out my new place and we had a wonderful time laughing and visiting. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Now here's hoping that Devry's flight wasn't delayed this morning so she can make it home to see her husband and host what I'm sure will be an amazing Super Bowl party!

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm Completely Sucked Back In

It was delicious last night. I'm so back on this bandwagon.