Thursday, October 26, 2006

Heroes and Lost

So am I the only one who has gotten into Heroes. I've been Tivoing it since it started and I must say I am sucked in with a capital S. Um hello random people with superhero powers? Plus creepy guys following them around with unexplained intentions? Count me in!

If you haven't checked it out let me recommend that you do so immediately. Monday night at 8. You can catch up by watching reruns on both USA and Sci Fi network. Or online at

Next let's talk lost. 1st thanks to Devry for sharing the Lost blog. It has some amazing stuff on there. But now let's discuss yesterday.

As D and I were discussing this morning why do the Others act like it's the plane survivors that are just so violent and acting crazy against them. I mean let's review a few things
1. Did you or did you not abduct Claire for her baby?
2. Did you or did you not infiltrate the plane survivors for what appears to be sinister purposes.
3. Are you not currently threatning/abducting people.

Let's just say the others are a puzzlement.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Change of Venue If No One Minds

Today I recieved the following email:

The following is the latest information on your case status

Receipt Number: WAC0623053359

Application Type: I129F , PETITION FOR FIANCE(E)

Current Status:

This case has been approved. On October 17, 2006, an approval notice was mailed.
If 30 days have passed and you have not received this notice, you may wish to
verify or update your address. To update your address, please speak to an
Immigration Information Officer during business hours.

So the latest and greatest it that we can get married in Utah!! YIPEE! What happens now is that the Visa goes to the London Embassy and Ray will have to have a physical and an interview but once that is completed he gets the Visa.

We haven't talked to the embassy yet. But once we have chatted with them and gotten approximate processing times we can at that point set a date for our UTAH wedding!

We are so excited about this development. I'll of course keep you posted.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shaping up to be a fun week

I'm excited about the upcoming week for a few reasons.

Reason #1 My sisters are all going to be home as of tomorrow. Lacy and Lex fly in tomorrow morning and Syd is already home. I love when sisters reunite!

Reason# 2 Even though I think she is callous and unfeeling for not spilling her guts today about the gender of her baby, I am very excited to learn the sex of my newest niece or nephew (my bets on the latter).

Reason# 3 Kinzie's wedding. I do so look forward to a wedding. Especially one that involves my dearest family. Just think of the delights to be sampled. I've always said, "a little wedding can set me up forever!"

Reason# 4 More fun family times. Auntie Kathleen, Jeff and Pam, and I've heard rumors that even Cliff and Cathy will be joining in the fun! I can't wait!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Viva Los Mexico

I met with our attorney yesterday. The news we got is that the visa isn't really close to being processed. After counseling with her we determined that the very best course of action we can take (so as to avoid any immigration complications later on) is to get married "abroad". We have decided that this means we will be heading to Ciudad-Juarez, Mexico.

This is right across the river (apparently walking distance) from El Paso, TX. So sometime in December we will be making a run for the border. Immediately following that we will set up our first home as Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elder in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland.

So much to do between now and then. I've been researching the rules of getting a marriage license in Mexico. It appears that Mexico only recognizes civil marriages so we will have a civil ceremony and then hop on over to the temple.

All are obviously invited to attend. All you will need is a birth certificate and a government issued photo id (or passport, obviously). Start brushing up on your Spanish and I'll keep you posted on when an official date is set.