Monday, July 31, 2006

Much Fun in the Bear Lake Sun

I thought I'd start by honoring the two people for whom we trekked all the way to Bear Lake, Idaho to celebrate. Happy Birthday Dana & Steph. It was a very fun weekend in honor of 2 very fun people who I love with all my heart!

I know you were all most anxiously awaiting to hear whether or not our Bear Lake festivities were a sucess or not. Rest assured that we had a most delightful time.

Saturday morning we all got up early and headed out the the lake. Stephanie had purchased what was either referred to as the "party island" or "temptation island" depending on who was on it at the time.
Much fun in the sun, several sunburned people and a party island (almost lost to the Bear Lake monster later for more details on this ask Steph, Jake or Kathleen)....we packed up and headed back for showers and to rendezvous back at the Steve and Peggy Portela household from some really, really delicious dutch oven delights .

After dinner we all participated in some really fun relays. The first one involved straws and pretzels. Here is a pic of Stacey and I ROCKING the relay.

Next was followed by getting a piece of bubble gum out of whip cream and blowing a bubble, and filling up a glass with water by using only a spoon.

Behold the winners of said competition in all their glory!

Thanks to the Portela family for being the hosts with the most. I can't wait until next year!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bear Lake, Yipee!

This weekend I am heading out to the beautiful Bear Lake. I'm excited to be with the Portela's, Bennett's, Brijs's, DelHoyo's, one Shepherd and the Larry Arnett fam.

On tap much lake side and lake activities. A delicious dutch oven BBQ and additional fun and frivolities too numerous to mention in this post.

Goals for this weekend include:

Maxing and Relaxing

Not getting trapped between 2 docks whilst unloading the boat (which happened last time I was at Bear Lake)

Eating myself into oblivion

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cove Fort and Other Delights

This weekend we went down to St. George with Jon and Kristen. We attended the play Grease "School Version". This just means that they cleaned up the lyrics to be not quite so graphic. It was truly a high school delight, although i'm quite certain that both Ray and Jon wanted to snap their own necks. Kristen and I however were thouroughly entertained.

We also met with some of Ray's friends this weekend. His friend Wilma from Ireland and her husband Craig, also a friend of Ray's from college and his wife and baby.

As a fun sabbath activity on our way home yesterday we stopped at Cove Fort. Everytime we pass by there we always say we should stop and finally yesterday we did. We didn't think they would be there on a Sunday, but the missionaries were indeed there and out in full force. We had a delightful couple from Boise take us around and it was fascinating. As I'm sure most of you already know Cove Fort was run by Gordon B. Hinckley's grandfather, Ira, his wife and family. By all accounts these were truly amazing people and it was wonderful to feel the spirit that was there as we learned about the Fort.

Last night was a fun one with an impromptu family gathering so that the Larry Arnett clan could finally meet our little Canyon. I'm posting a pic of she and I from when she was still in the hospital and I leave you with a final question;

How can anyone resist this face?- Her's not mine ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have more pictures of our new baby Canyon. I haven't had a chance to upload them yet because they are still on the digital camera and the camera is currently at Larry's because I forgot it there on Monday. So I will strive to recover the camera and share more pics of our cutest little one.

Ray is flying out on Wed the 19th. We are still patiently waiting for any word on our visa application as we have had the app turned in for about 2 wks at this point. So now comes the not so fun part of being apart.

I'm looking into hopefully flying to the beautiful country of Northern Ireland sometime in September. Luckily I have much to look forward to between now and then. The blessing of Canyon, a visit from lacy and a much looked forward to trip to Bear Lake for Steph and Dana's brithdays. Woo Hoo!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Canyon Rose

So last night Miley gave birth to our newest member. Welcome to our family little Canyon!!

I'm happy to report mother and baby are doing well and Miley was such a trooper. Aaron couldn't have been more supportive and except for a bit of a scare at the end (emergency C-section) it couldn't have gone any better.

Good job Miley and Aaron she's beautiful!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Pic of the Ring and Other Bits and Bobs

Well here it is finally, a picture of the ring. Now you can all see why I love it so much. Although currently it is at the jewlers getting sized. It's funny how my hand doesn't feel quite right without it and I've only been wearing it for 2 weeks as of last Sunday.

Other items of interest;

My sister Miley still has not had her baby. We are most anxious to meet the newest member of our family and hope it will not be too much longer until we can meet her. (Also Miley is exceedingly uncomfortable and we don't love that either)

I started back to the gym and I might have overdone it. I can't haul myself off the couch these days without a little assistance from Ray. (but let's be serious, I have to be hot on my wedding day, so "beauty is pain" is my new motto)

The BBQ yesterday was a smashing success. I know I was not the only one to enjoy the sight of Sydnee and Ray as partners agains Lex and Mallory, out on the badminton court where instead of Syd trying to hit the birdie she would yell out to Ray, " get it, get it!!". Needless to say she didn't break a sweat and Ray most certainly did. (Also who can't love HB sharing his "secrets" to delicious hamburgers)