Monday, May 26, 2008

A Cousins Weekend

These pics are from last weekend when Lacy was in town for her marathon. I've been a bit slow in posting but believe me they are worth the wait!

Canyon and Peeps living it up

Lexi and Canyon off for a rideGrandpa, Grandma & Penelope

Canyon contemplating running through the sprinklers

Peeps thinks it's a good ideaCanyon shares her popsicle
and gives Penelope a ride in the wagon

All in all a very fun weekend for two of the cutest cousins. I can't wait for more fun cousin time with these two cuties!

Friday, May 23, 2008

St. G

I'm headed down south for the Memorial Day weekend. I'll be hitting this place up.

You know how I can't resist their breakfast!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tip Of The Hat

Cameron in all his glory

This man is the reason that we all gathered to AZ in the first place. I love you Cam and am so proud of you! Thanks for letting me participate in your big day!!


Wow! My hat is officially off to the children of Howard and Ethel (Kathleen gets a shout out too). Driving down from Phoenix we were treated to this stunning scenery.

Once we arrived in the thriving metropolis we noticed a few choice businesses. I didn't get a picture of "steaks and cakes" but I did capture this gem.

From here we drove down to Cibola. Here are a few pics

The River

The Brothers (Jeff, H.B., Cliff, Larry) We missed you Candy!The Bishop's Place. No rats were shot while we were there and I wasn't offered any "Burro Jerky" but it was still a wonderful time.

Lacy capturing H.B.'s wit and wisdom for posterityJeff and H.B. walking along the canal my Grandpa Howard dug. Towards the site of H.B.'s Baptism.

At the site of the crash. It was a very solemn and amazing experience. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have been here and see this for myself first hand. It was good to hear the brothers first hand recollections of this very sad event that changed so many lives in it's wake.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marathons are Hard Work

Don't let anyone tell you different. It take a lot of preparation both to participate.....special shout outs to Dana, Lacy and Brent! But it also takes a lot of effort to be a marathon supporter. I'd like to pay tribute to both special groups on my blog today.

First is where the two groups are the same. Both have to get up ridiculously early (ok, maybe the runners 5:00 a.m time slot was a little more grueling than the supporters 7:00 a.m wake up call but early is still early)

Here is Lex preparing for the big day.

And here I am gearing up

Now obviously the stars of the show were the three runners. I wish we would have snapped some photos of Brent, but sadly we missed him running by. We only have our two lovely Arnett ladies in all their glory!

Here is Dana and Lac just finishing up 18 miles.....yes I said 18. On their way to 8.2 more. Way to go! You guys looked outstanding considering the distance ran!
The supporters thought their efforts at the over half way point should be documented as well. Here is a shot of the supporters in all their 18 mile mark glory.....

Never let it be said we don't know how to support in style. (Lindsay, Devry, Ryan and Mallory)

We then made our way down to the finish line. So we could do our supporter duty and cheer on our amazing runners. We missed Brent crossing......again. But luckily Dave snapped a photo it can be found over on Lacy's Blog.

But I did capture a sweet pic of the ladies finishing up their amazing day with amazing effort. Seriously I am so proud of you guys! What a wonderful accomplishment. Lacy, Dana you are my heroes!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Coming

We can't wait to see you Peeps!

Canyon's Here!

Canyon came down last Friday to spend some time with her Arnett peeps. Here she is on Mother's Day having a "serious" conversation with Aunt Syd.

Her current favorite things include:

Playing Tea Party with Grandma and Grandpa

The "Meow, Meow"


Being ridiculously cute!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Big Pen

Today is my Mom's Birthday. This picture is of Penee and H.B. taken at a cousins wedding. See how excited H.B. is that he gets to be married to this woman?

His expression pretty much says it all, both for him and for all of Penee's children. How lucky are we to have this special lady in our lives?

I hope it's the best day ever Mom. Filled with gardening, birds, movies, food and lots of love and laughter.

I love you!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Renewed Love of the Library

I have a love affair with books. It's been going on for years at least since I was 11 and Sunny and I would get dropped off at the mall where we would each buy a Nancy Drew mystery, read said mystery and then swap. Twice the fun!

I've obviously loved the Library before. One of my requirements before agreeing to move to Ireland was that I could have my OWN library card (I didn't want to have to rely on others for library privileges). My one bid for independence whilst there.

I don't know what it is but I often forget the delights a library can hold. Especially for a girl on a budget. Ever since purchasing my Condo at the beginning of this year I'm always looking for ways to shave a few dollars off the old budget. Since books are about as necessary to my life as air I decided to give the Library another whirl.


Not feeling guilty for not finishing a book if it's lame. I always feel guilty when said book is purchased.

Trying different genres and books I might not otherwise have tried.

"Shopping" online. This basically means you look at their selection online and put a book on hold, then someone else pull the books off the shelf for me so all I have to do is pick them up (am I the laziest person ever?!?!)

Reading too much......I love getting engrossed in a great story!


Having to be "wait listed" I lack patience and don't always enjoy waiting for things including books I want to read.

Reading to much......Is it my JOB to personally read every book the library holds? I only wish it were.

Did I mention that the library also rents movies for a dollar. Lex and I enjoyed another viewing of "Bleak House" in this manner, which was a delight I do assure you.

If any of you need a library buddy, you now know whom to contact. Or better still if you have another activity that doesn't involve reading that might be best. My eyes could use the rest.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Catherine O'Hara Question

The lovely Catherin O'Hara

Self Portrait taken just this morning......what do you think? Catherine O'Hara 2.0?

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that he thought I looked a lot like Ms. O'Hara. It isn't the first time I have been told this. I now put this out to the Blogosphere. Do I indeed look like Catherine?

Do you think if I were to shout out, "KEVIN!!!" That all around me would immediately put both of their hands to their cheeks and let out a prolonged scream?

Have you frequently found yourself when we are hanging out humming the words to Day-O. Or worse fighting the uncontrollable urge to shout three times, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice"?

Is this why we love Christopher Guest movies so much? They make you feel like we are hanging out even when we are far apart? Thus I give you.........the Catherine O'Hara question.