Thursday, June 25, 2009

I miss the Lexi

I officially look like a wild animal. My hair is out of control. I haven't had a haircut since the beginning of February. I wish I could say that it's for the same reason as Sampson. If only all this not cutting of the hair was giving me special blessings or powers. It's not.

Mostly I think I'm in denial. Surely my hairdresser didn't really leave me? I like to imagine that she's just too busy to come around (which really isn't too far from the truth). I mean sure she hasn't been to my parents house, or to any Sunday dinners, or parties or come over to play the Wii. But she's not really GONE. Right?!?!

I'm clearly in denial. Let's just say that I'm semi-permanently rocking the curly haired 'do. Most of you will understand what an indicator that is of the desperate state of affairs I'm currently laboring under.

The thought of going to someone else for a haircut feels like it will be the final nail in the "I'm missing the Lex" coffin. But people I think it's time. Past time. Way past.