Monday, October 22, 2007

Viva Leona!

Recently Steph introduced me to an artist I fell in love with. I think you should all check her out immediately. As Stephanie and I are currently starting a grass roots campaign to make her #2 (right after Celine)I thought I'd share a few excerpts from our conversation regarding this rising star.

Stephanie-have you heard the leona lewis song? bleeding love i think? it's so super fantastic and i believe you will/do appreciate as much as i do.

Stephanie- i heard it awhile ago and loved it but i just saw the video on perez hilton. she is so fantastic, the new celine/mariah all the way.

Stephanie- there are some absolute goose bump performances from leona on the x factor. jake and i just sat at the computer with our mouths open. amazing.

Lindsay - well clearly if this song is any indicator I am in love with her already

Stephanie- really? fantastic! her performance of all by myself is so good. just below celine's in my opinion.

Lindsay - wow that is an endorsement

Stephanie- i know right? she's that good. i bet she becomes pretty popular cuz girl can sing!

Lindsay - well I'm sold

Lindsay - we'll start our own grass roots campaign

Stephanie- leona 4 eva!

Stephanie - i'll get the shirts printed.

Lindsay - I'll make us some bumper stickers

Stephanie - november is going to be the best musical month ever. all the divas! celine, mariah, leona, love it!

Stephanie - not that leona is a diva just yet, but with some planning and earnest effort on our part she will be.

Lindsay - I think we can make this happen

Lindsay - there is nothing that the three of us can't do together

Stephanie- i could not agree more. i'll see how much a billboard will cost. you check on tv and radio time.

Lindsay- should we hire jake for PR? Sounds like he's already a fan as well?

Lindsay - he could write our press releases

Stephanie- and we'll hire people to stand on the corners with signs, like at little ceasars pizza.

Stephanie - oh yes, he's so in and got nothing but time to devote to such a worthy cause.

Stephanie - absolutely. one person not so excited? mason. apparently he would like me to feed him. he's so clingy!

Lindsay - seriously, I mean talk about needy

Stephanie- it's all about him. he's rather selfish.

Stephanie - what about my needs? and leona's?

Lindsay - You think he could take one for the team

Lindsay - especially for leona

Lindsay - I mean look at all she's given

Stephanie- i know, right? never mind the fact that i think i woke him up with the pounding bass of bleeding love.

Lindsay - all the more reason he should be thanking you

Lindsay - I'm starting to wonder about that kid

Stephanie- i know. i have got my work cut out for me. ok, let's meet up in a couple of months and get this thing going. time is of the essence.

Lindsay - yes, much planning needs to be done between then and now.

Lindsay - I'm giving my 2 week notice as we speak

Lindsay - I'll obviously need to devote my full attention

Stephanie- perfect, maybe they'll let you leave right now.

Lindsay - once they hear it's for leona

Lindsay - they won't be able to refuse me anything

Stephanie- i know, good luck. tell them it's for leona. if they don't understand, you don't need to be associating with them anyway.

Stephanie - ok, i can't wait. viva leona!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been Lexi-fied

I wanted a change for fall and for my much loved by me shorter hairdo. This weekend I went into the salon and came out with a darker do. Here is a sample.....Doesn't Lex do good work?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Party

Last night we had another jewelry party. Lexi did her part by "cleaning" her apartment. I choose to think she left a few cobwebs in the corner in honor of Halloween!

Candy, Meghan and Kenz came and we had a delightful time. Turns out Kenzie and Whitney are due 1 day apart! I love that my 2 unrelated cousins could have birthday twin babies. I anxiously await finding out the sex of both babies in the coming weeks.

The party continues tonight when Lacy and Dave arrive from AZ and get to stay for 2 weeks. It will be some in our families first peek at PenGwen for which I'm sure there is much excitement.

The next official party will be the bridal shower for Megs. Mark your calendars all you Arnett Ladies. November 2nd will be the big day to come and celebrate our newest bride to be.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out of the Loop

I've definitely been out of the loop the last little while. Here at work we are currently switching accounting software. We had someone from the software company in our office learning our business flow for a week at the end of September.

For those of you who don't know I do Accounts Payable. What this means is that being in meetings for a full week puts you way behind. After she left I had one week to play catch up. Then last week the entire Accounting staff flew to Fort Collins, CO (beautiful btw I could totally see myself living there).

Needless to say being gone another week has put me even further behind. After arriving home on Friday night I turned around Saturday afternoon and drove with Miley to Idaho to pick up Canyon Rose. Then home again on Sunday.

Monday I arrived in the office ridiculously early to answer my millions of phone messages and try to dig out of my pile of invoices.

Still a little bit buried but finally feeling like I may be able to breathe by next week.

That's the haps with me. Hope everyone else is doing well and perhaps just a smidge less busy than myself :)