Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Pics From Easter Weekend

The "Big" Kids Living It Up

Canyon and her Balloon.....she wouldn't put the thing down.

Easter races

Look Mom, I found one!

Party People

Canyon, balloon hunting

Who loves Easter?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Back

I had the most marvelous time visiting with the Mayberry clan. I arrived back home last night (thanks Lex for the pick up) and can I just say this daylight savings thing is kicking my butt. Is it just me or is it so much earlier this year?

I did manage to get in two runs whilst down in the AZ, a fact of which I'm quite proud. The first run on Thursday involved Lacy running with Deacon and myself pushing Peeps in the jogging stroller. There were a few hills (which I currently avoid at all costs) and I was a bit winded. Turns out pushing a good 40 extra pounds while running is hard. Hat's right off to Lacy who does this on a regular basis.

Next run was on Saturday. I went around 5 ish, as I watched Penelope while Lacy ran her 8 miles and Dave was doing some homework. As I was getting ready to run I noticed a forlorn Deacon (their dog). I asked if he was going to get a walk that day and was told that he probably wasn't. So I asked if I should take him with me on my run.

Lacy talked me into it but did issue a warning, "He does pull a little."

Turns out that little was a bit of an understatement, and I got quite the arm workout in addition to shaving about 10 minutes off my run. Apparently as I left Dave told Lacy, "she's going to be mad when she comes back"

I wasn't mad, but let's just say I'll think twice before taking Deacon on another run anytime soon.

So now I'm home and back to work and experiencing a bit of the back to work blah's. Oh and random P.S. I have some cute pictures to share but left my camera cord in AZ.

So sister can you help a sister out and send them to me? It would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Reasons I'm loving Peep

I woke up to this yesterday morning,

She is the progeny of this woman,

She loves the word, "Doot" and uses it in sentences all the time,

She thinks that anything that moves can be used as a walker,

She fake laughs when Lacy and I are laughing because she wants to be "in" on the jokes,

and finally, because I just can't help myself. Happy 1st Birthday 'Nella Bean! I love you!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

I haven't been up to Soldier Hollow in years. I went up last night with some people from my new ward and although there were only three of us we had a ball. The weather was perfect (at least for winter) I didn't feel too cold and as it was a very clear night when towed up to the top I could enjoy the very fantastic view. I would heartily suggest that you all hie yourself to the mountain ASAP. There is much fun to be found there.

Here are a few photos of the fun night-

Happy to Be Tubing (even though my coat is clearly skewampus)

Flying Down the Slope

Getting a Tow

Ryan and Lindsay Among the Tubes

Lindsay and Carol Goofing Off

Monday, March 03, 2008


I had the most delightful weekend. I got out early in the morning and went for a run. The weather was beautiful which only made me more anxious for spring and summer. I can't wait for the warm weather to be here permanently.

I had the privilege of attending baby J's first birthday party. His mom did a perfectly delightful job of the planning. It was a Yankees theme and little baby J looked adorable! Here is a fun pic of the Momma and Baby.

His parents made the most delicious Chowder and Broccoli Cheese soups complete with bread bowls. It was good eats and good company.

Here are some pics of the party guests living it up.

After this fun party I went to a baby shower for my cousin Whitney who is due to have her baby at any moment. I didn't snap any photos at that party but it was none the less a good time as well.