Monday, May 22, 2006

London Bridge

This past week I had to take a business trip and Ray came with me. We road tripped down to Bullhead City, AZ. We actually stayed in Laughlin, NV because the two cities are just across the river from each other. It was 114 degrees there in the hottest part of the day and Ray and I both felt like we were melting.

I had to work all day Thursday but Thursday night we drove down to Lake Havasu so that Ray could see the London Bridge. HB had told him all about it and Ray wasn't sure whether he was just pulling his leg or if it was in fact actually THE London Bridge. So we drove about an hour south and checked it out for ourselves. Sure enough the original London Bridge was transported over from England in the 70's to promote British/American relations (or so says all the literature).

As we were driving up to St. George on Friday we decided to call HB and let him know that we had made the trek to see the London Bridge. In the true spirit of British/American relations he told me to pass a message along to Ray. His message was, "We saw it, We wanted it, We went and got it!"

God Bless America.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The whitest person on the planet

It's confirmed, I am indeed the whitest person on the planet. Yesterday I spent my lunch at the park for an hour and then had to plant some flowers here at the office. I was outside for a grand total of 2 hours most of which wasn't even really in the sun. I now have a horrific sunburn on my entire right arm. Pink enough that it's very hot to the touch.

For someone who shuns the sun, as is my motto, I certainly have a way of managing to get the nastiest of sunburns.

On the bright side I suppose this signals the beginning of the summer season for which I can't feel sorry.