Tuesday, February 20, 2007


You can only vacation for so long before tearing your hair out. I have officially reached that point. The only bright spot in my otherwise monotonous exsistence is the thought of, and in some cases the reality of, babies. My dear friend Jodie is here with her husband visiting from Chicago and I have had the pleasure of meeting her adorable 7 week old son Henry. Other baby delights to be had are in order of due date Julie, who's due date was actually yesterday, Kristin and Lacy. I do wish all their babies would hurry up and make their appearance here in mortality so that I might start my full time job as professional cuddler.

Special mention goes out to Canyon Rose who I just can not get enough of.

As a random Visa update. No word from the US Visa. Just nothing, I ask myself frequently," How can this be?" There is no explanation it just is. Ray and I had decided that we would just make plans to marry in England. Turns out in order to do this we will need a UK Visa. So I fed-exed everything off this morning and that could take 3-4 weeks. So at this point our plan is that whichever country will give us a Visa for getting married the quickest that's the route we will go.

I'll of course keep you posted but for now that means I'm in Utah for at least another 3 - 4 weeks.