Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So Idol

I was ready to write this whole season off. Then PA-POW this week brought it for me. Chris R. Hello dead sexy and Blake same. Then Jordin etc. Let's just say although clearly Lakisha and Melinda are fabulous singers I was just waiting for this to turn into a competition which I feel it finally did last night.

I'm sucked back in.

Random P.S. What was with that little girl? Pull it together 'lil sister.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I am still not sucked in by any means but I thought Jordin's performance was the best of the night. I was actually kind of confused by the little girl in tears all night. These people were no names 2 months ago and suddenly she's weeping like she's seeing Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey (which I don't condone at all)? I am concerned that Sanjaya is going to stay another week because he had his best performance yet, which was still horrible by any standards. I like Gina but think she might be in trouble, I guess we'll see tonight!

Devry said...

Well, I will say this, I only saw about 5 performances or so, but I really was moved by Jordin's. It was very good. Also, Lakisha bugs me. I'm not sure what it is but ever since she sang that Dreamgirls song and got so much praise, she has been down hill for me. And last night I thought her performance was awful.

Lindsay said...

I would say it's practically a certainty that Sanjaya is in for another week sadly. It was his best performance ever. I actually think Stephanie, Gina and Phil will be the bottom three more is the pity.