Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Back

I had the most marvelous time visiting with the Mayberry clan. I arrived back home last night (thanks Lex for the pick up) and can I just say this daylight savings thing is kicking my butt. Is it just me or is it so much earlier this year?

I did manage to get in two runs whilst down in the AZ, a fact of which I'm quite proud. The first run on Thursday involved Lacy running with Deacon and myself pushing Peeps in the jogging stroller. There were a few hills (which I currently avoid at all costs) and I was a bit winded. Turns out pushing a good 40 extra pounds while running is hard. Hat's right off to Lacy who does this on a regular basis.

Next run was on Saturday. I went around 5 ish, as I watched Penelope while Lacy ran her 8 miles and Dave was doing some homework. As I was getting ready to run I noticed a forlorn Deacon (their dog). I asked if he was going to get a walk that day and was told that he probably wasn't. So I asked if I should take him with me on my run.

Lacy talked me into it but did issue a warning, "He does pull a little."

Turns out that little was a bit of an understatement, and I got quite the arm workout in addition to shaving about 10 minutes off my run. Apparently as I left Dave told Lacy, "she's going to be mad when she comes back"

I wasn't mad, but let's just say I'll think twice before taking Deacon on another run anytime soon.

So now I'm home and back to work and experiencing a bit of the back to work blah's. Oh and random P.S. I have some cute pictures to share but left my camera cord in AZ.

So sister can you help a sister out and send them to me? It would be greatly appreciated!


Dana said...

Yes, we definitely need the pictures!

lacy lee said...

Deacon misses you, Linds! I don't see your camera cord anywhere handy. Where is it and I'll send it your way asap!

wendy said...

I am so glad you had a great time. I can't believe it came and went so quickly...I didn't even have time to make a playdate with you :)