Monday, August 11, 2008

I L.O.V.E. the Olympics

I had a fantastic weekend. The Olympics started and I'm obsessed by them. I've been Tivo'ing everything and staying up ridiculously late to watch all the events I possibly can.

Friday evening Carol hosted Marc, Molly and I at her house for an opening ceremonies party. We ate Chinese food, talked about world events and thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies.

Saturday morning I went out to Cedar Hills and met up with my friend Julie and her niece. We caught a showing of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" I really liked the movie and the altercation I had with the teenager in the theater didn't dampen my love (if interested in details of altercation I will elaborate to you personally).

I followed up a fun afternoon with Jules and Co. by heading up to SLC with some friends to try some Filipino food. It was an interesting experience. I like 50% of what we ordered. Here are some photos of our food. The pink dish was a bit, how do you say?........disgusting. But the company was good and I love the adventure that trying new food always is.

These were the 2 Filipino dishes we ordered. The one on the left was pretty delicious.

Here is Juree modeling how the hue of this dish matches her shirt almost exactly.

I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday engrossed in the Olympics. Could that 4x100 relay last night have been any better? How about the drama that the U.S.A. Women's gymnasts conjured up! I'm on the edge of my seat for what other delights this Olympics will bring!


Devry said...

the relay was awesome. Quinn and I were loving it. There is nothing better than a little trash talking shoved back in the faces of those who did the trash talking. delightful!

Dana said...

I didn't watch the relay but read about it online. You know me, anything that humiliates and embarrasses the French is my kind of event, especially when it is the USA doing the humiliating. Also, I'm going to need the details of your movie altercation.

Unknown said...

Love it. Girl fight at a chic flick.

That relay was amazing. I'm still not sure how we won. The French don't know how we did it either.

Anonymous said...

I L.O.V.E. the Olympics as well!!! It is interfering with my life, however. Phelps is amazing btw. I love you Linds and am glad you ate the Filipino food and not me!!! I love how you are so adventurous! I know what I order at each restaurant and rarely venture out of that comfort zone. I think I like your way better. It's time for me to grow up I've decided!! Maybe I can allow my food to touch each other now??!! Love you- Auntie Pam

shoeaddict said...

You are SO cute!
I've been soooo busy and have not watched the Olympics. I usually do watch and love it.

I cannot imagine you fighting with anyone. You are the sweetest person I know.

Justin said...

Please post about your altercation with the teenager for all to enjoy. The more exaggerated details the better...