Friday, October 10, 2008

Liquid Liner

This morning as I was rushing around like a mad woman running just a little behind and feeling stressed about it. I found a reason to be grateful and it came in the form of liquid eyeliner.

I haven't always worn liquid eyeliner or for that matter eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara......ok you get the picture. In my younger years I rarely if ever sported make-up. As I've gotten older, and hopefully a little bit wiser, I have decided that my face looks better with a "fresh coat of paint". I think Grandma Ethel would have agreed that this can apply not only to lipstick but to all the arts of make-up enhancement.

Now the reason for my gratitude. I'm one of those who always has something swirling in my brain. I literally can not sleep in on a Saturday morning because I wake up thinking of the million things I both need and want to do that day. Most days of the week I'm rushing to get out the door and get to work on time. I feel grateful for the liner because it gives me the opportunity every morning to take some deep breaths, settle myself and find peace, even if it's just for the 2 minutes or less it takes me to apply it.

For those of you who have ever worn this particular make-up enhancement, you know what I'm talking about. Maybe some of you are much more skilled at the art of putting it on than I, but for me it can not be a rush job. It requires a steady hand and a bit of calm to not walk out of the house looking like a disaster. I find that once I've conjured up that calm it stays. Maybe it doesn't last all day, but at the very least it follows me out the door.

Today I felt grateful for all of the moments of calm and peace I have in the sometimes stormy seas of life. I'll take it, even when it comes in liquid liner form.


Unknown said...

It's amazing what a little liquid eyeliner can do. (Not that I'd know first-hand.)

Megs said...

i'll be honest, i've always been slightly afraid of trying "the liquid eyeliner" and for that very must be precise and careful....perhaps one day I'll experience the pleasure. :)

Whitney said...

Linds I have not been one to brave the Liquid Liner but I have always thought it looked nice. Maybe someday we can get together and you could give me a lesson. I would love to see you sometime. Hope all is going well.

wendy said...

I need your address. I want to send you something. I found it at a thrift store but I think you will love it! email me you address at colbyandwendy@yahoo

Unknown said...

I love this bit of wisdom. That you can find peace and keep it in many different ways. Thanks!