Friday, January 16, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

My friend Brian organized a group to go up to the Draper Temple open house last night. Although bitterly cold we still all managed to have a great time. We drove up to Draper and parked at a church just down the hill from the temple. We got to watch the short 12 minute presentation about temples and their importance and then we loaded up on "tour" buses for the short bus ride up the hill to the actual temple.

It's smaller than I was expecting but still beautiful. They used a lot of natural wood and earth tones which I thought went beautifully with it's surroundings, also the windows in the temple are absolutely gorgeous.

It was quite packed even as we were leaving at 10 pm and I felt bad for the volunteer ushers. It didn't look like they were going to find their way home any time soon.

We finished the night up by grabbing some grub at good ol' Applebees.

Thanks to B for organizing such a fun night!


shoeaddict said...

I have been meaning to email you and tell you this. My daddy and I went to lunch on Monday and we sat in front of some LDS women. I knew they were because I could hear them talking. I thought of you and miss you. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

Isn't your birthday soon? I thought it was in January like mine. Mine is tomorrow- the 17th. Is yours January 20th? Am I just making things up?


Lindsay said...

I miss you too! My Birthday is in fact coming up on the 20th and I knew yours was tomorrow :) I think people born in January are the best.

Megs said...

I can't WAIT to go!!

Unknown said...

Hey L. Thanks for the support. It was a nice evening. Did I tell you that my friend's husband is the guy that did the stained glass?

wendy said...

How did I miss your birthday?! I woke up that morning thinking that I needed to email you, but alas I got out of bed and completely forgot:) I hope you had a wonderful day and hope you got your piece of cheesecake!
love you to pieces!