Monday, May 11, 2009

My Bid For President

I'm currently in the middle of a hotly contested campaign for HOA President of my Condo Association.

The incumbent who I'm currently running against has been the President of the Board for at least 12 years (at least until he was impeached last Fall). His has been a puppet regime run behind the scenes by his wife. There have been allegations of bullying and I've witnessed first hand their dictatorial style of managing.

My character has been slandered, phone calls have gotten heated. I'm loving every minute!

I've been out on the campaign trail. Glad handing voters, kissing babies, petting dogs. It's getting serious.

My platform........Power to the people. Pass it on.

Wish me luck, all votes have to be turned in or post marked by Friday May 15.


Unknown said...

Vote for Linds! (I would if I could)

Anonymous said...

Are you lathering on the Hand Sanitizer with all the Meet and Greets?

Ah...Scandal at the Square!


Dana said...

Wow you gotta love HOA drama. Good Luck!

Shoeaddict said...

I cannot believe what I'm hearing!! How could anyone say anything bad about you? How can they possibly slander your wonderful character??

Good Luck! :)

Anonymous said...

So, how do I register to vote? If you don't win in a landslide then I'm taking it up with the Supreme Court.