Saturday, October 31, 2009

Idaho. You remind me of the babe......

I went to Idaho this weekend. Still here actually, I've been playing with baby Pierce (who Canyon insists is named Ace). Here is a photo montage of what we've been up to.

*Special shout out to the Brijs's for letting me crash at their home. It's beautiful and amazing! Thanks a million guys!

Me and Pierce. Notice how Penee looks ready to kick back and enjoy herself a little. She deserves a little relaxation!

Mommy and baby. Canyon kept asking Miley if her baby sister is in her (Miley's) tummy. Keep on dreaming kid......maybe some day.

Man of the hour, and man is he adorable.

How is Canyon holding up? I'm glad you asked. She's keeping her spirits up tolerably, with mass amounts of playing "Princess".........


......Forcing Aunt Linny to eat fake food.

She does arts and crafts. Painting.....

Picking her own cool animal paper.

Modge Podge-ing

Modeling her finished product.

Love these kids and I'll be so sad when the fun has to end and Penee and I head home tomorrow. At least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight to soften the blow.

Let us conclude with a gratuitous pic of Pierce in all of his cuteness.



Devry said...

stop the madness...he is one cute newborn...i wish i could get my hands on him...but thanks for the pics!