Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Few Degrees Cooler Than The Traditional Red Hot 4th

In Idaho Falls the temps were cooler but the fireworks seemed hotter! It was such a great time. Thanks to the Hardman's and the Brijs's for hosting what I hope, becomes a least an every other year tradition. And now for the pictures.

We started out at the parade. Just me Canyon and Penee. Canyons favorite things included the Tigers, the poms (a high school mascot and it's corresponding cheerleaders).
After some post parade, holiday naps we met up with the Larry Arnett's and Brijs family's for some delicious TGI Fridays. We had the very best server they had. It was a nice way to see Miley for a bit while she was at work.

Here is one half of the table

And the otherThe resident 4th of July photographer

As usual it was the kids who had the most fun.

Following lunch Penee and I took all the kids back to the Hardmans where they played for awhile and then we took them down to the river.
They were excited for some river time. But even if they hadn't been.....do kids ever walk anywhere? No? I didn't think so.
The girlies had fun throwing rocks and twigs into the river.
Even though there were lots of people down by the river we all felt super safe as we brought along our personal ninja for protection.

Our marathon day continued as we switched venues to the following.
This was our view for the delicious dinner, symphony and fireworks that night.

What's the 4th with out some ice cream.....

Some Dancing......

and a little flag waving.

Happy 4th of July all!


Devry said...

I love that your blog is back in full force! Also, Pierce is so cute!

Dana said...

I think you captured the weekend perfectly. THANKS!

Jake and Steph said...

Yay for other people keeping their blogs up! I second that Pierce is darling.