Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Happs

Here is what I've been up to using pictures that I did not take that are not of me (as my camera is currently broken)

 I sold my condo and moved to Auntie Candy's and Uncle Lance's for a few months and now back out on my own. Thanks Auntie and Unk for opening your home to me!!

I bought a beach cruiser a while back and it's the best purchase I've ever made.  I'm on that thing most nights just cruisin' around ringing my bell at all the rando's I pass along the way

Went floating the green river with some great friends in a 2 man inflatable kayak.  Wind and rainstorm not withstanding we had an excellent day floating and running a few rapids.

 More and more biking.  Love that bike, can't get enough.

Last weekend hosted a bonfire in H.B.'s back field had around 50 or 60 peeps there.  Hoping to do more of those as it was crazy fun times.

Just bought this product yesterday and it is indeed the miracle mascara that everyone claims it is.  I had to buy a baby one and get on a wait list for a full size from Sephora but after applying it this morning it's totes worth it.

It's called They're Real and it will make your eyelashes look like this--------

Next time look for updates on Boston and let's be serious probably more ranting about biking.


Unknown said...

Yay, a post from Linds! My fav part = "ringing my bell at all the randos!" You crack me up but you should crack me up more often! <3 you!

Unknown said...

Hello, I was joking with family that we needed to join overreactors anonymous as we overreact to everything and your blog popped up. Not sure if it is still active or not but we are here to join.