Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Government- Actually working backwards?

As most of you know Ray and I are patiently waiting for the government to let us know when we can get married. We have a receipt number that they kindly gave us when they received our application. This doesn't actually mean they are processing anything, just that they received it. However, with this number I am able to go to their website and track what dates they are currently working on.

Yesterday while checking things out I had quite the shock. When I checked the website on August 3rd of this month they were processing March 6th's applications (ours is July 10th). However yesterday when I checked, as of August 25th they were processing February 23rd.

Could someone please explain to me how this is possible? Can it be true that our government has actually started working in reverse? Say it isn't so!!

Hopefully this is just some sort of typo that will quickly be corrected so we can actually know where they are in processing these things.

Don't worry that when I called their hotline that the woman there told me she had "no information" about it, but that she had already received a few calls regarding this same thing and would let her superviser know. What a comfort indeed.


lacy lee said...

Rest assured, it's no typo. The government prides itself on working backwards. But for your sake, I hope the February really meant June...