Monday, October 09, 2006

Shaping up to be a fun week

I'm excited about the upcoming week for a few reasons.

Reason #1 My sisters are all going to be home as of tomorrow. Lacy and Lex fly in tomorrow morning and Syd is already home. I love when sisters reunite!

Reason# 2 Even though I think she is callous and unfeeling for not spilling her guts today about the gender of her baby, I am very excited to learn the sex of my newest niece or nephew (my bets on the latter).

Reason# 3 Kinzie's wedding. I do so look forward to a wedding. Especially one that involves my dearest family. Just think of the delights to be sampled. I've always said, "a little wedding can set me up forever!"

Reason# 4 More fun family times. Auntie Kathleen, Jeff and Pam, and I've heard rumors that even Cliff and Cathy will be joining in the fun! I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

I may have to boycott the festivities, because I wasn't told earlier about the gender of the baby. Perhaps, I'll drop Pam and Chad off and just drive to Evanston and watch a rodeo or horse races.

Lindsay said...

Sadly it wasn't just you who didn't get informed. Lacy wanted to surprise us all when she arrived yesterday. But unfortunately Brent let the secret out a bit early......Ooops!

I for one am very excited for our little Penelope :)

Anonymous said...

The week shaped up just fine. A fun time was had by all.