Thursday, December 07, 2006

My First Week

Well my first week didn't go quite as planned. My luggage didn't arrive until late Monday night and so we didn't do much on Monday. We finally left a note on the door asking them to leave the luggage should they arrive and headed out to the grocery store. The "Walmart"over here is actually called Tesco's. So we headed over and I experienced things on the metric system. Which makes things a bit difficult when trying to convert some of the recipe's that I brought over with me. Highlight of the day had to be sharing breakfast with Ray ( We haven't been able to do that for ages)

Tuesday we had the missionaries over. They gave us a discussion and we also read and discussed Elder Ballards talk on "Creating a Gospel Sharing Home". Since we were still getting settled we fed them frozen pizza. Here they are in all their glory.

Tuesday night was also Enrichment night. It was the Christmas Enrichment and we had a lesson on having more of Christ in Christmas. Many of the ladies shared ideas of how to have more of Christ in Christmas. I shared my favorite holiday tradition. That of bearing our testimonies on Christmas Eve. I'm going to miss that very much.

We had a nice dinner afterward. It was Chicken Curry and Rice which was delish. They start a little later than normal here. The program started at 7:30 and I didn't get home until 11:00 p.m.

In between all the planned activities Ray and I have been runnin here and there trying to get a few things for the house. We are both so exhausted. We keep thinking that things are going to slow down but so far no luck.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. Although we did go out to lunch with Ray's Mother Margaret and Judith, his brother's Fiance. We had a lovely time and I've been so grateful to the Elder's who have been so welcoming. They are helping me to feel right at home.

Today the missionaries came over to do a bit of service. We are painting and they painted the ceiling of our living room. I fed them breakfast (quiche) then fed them lunch (broccoli cheese soup). I've become quite domesticated it would seem living over here.

Ray is off to London tomorrow for his physical. I asked him tonight how he felt about it he said and I quote, "well, 600 dollars (which is what we had to pay to have him fly down there and for the physical) seems like a lot of money to pay just to have a doctor stick his finger up my bum." He then proceeded to hum the tune to "families can be together for ever".

That said, I'm going to assume from the humming that despite the finger he feels it will all be worth it when we can finally be together for ever. It was a tender moment indeed.

I have a vitual tour of the house to share but I'll end this post here and post those pictures immediately following.


KA said...

I'll be honest--I'm a little stunned that Ray's comment about his physical was approved for blog-posting. Or was it?!

Lindsay said...

I know right? But I did clear it with him as we were driving home last night. So I'm all in the clear