Sunday, December 31, 2006


Yesterday Ray and I went on our first excursion since I arrived here. We started out by taking the ferry over to the Republic of Ireland.

Pay particular attention to the wonderful blue skies in this picture. We zipped right across to Inishowen. We stopped at a lovely village called Molville where we ate at a pub called "The Town Clock". I had a particularly delightful meal of Fresh Seafood chowder and brown bread. This chowder was honestly the most delicious thing I've had since I arrived. It had fresh salmon and some white fish and some mussels in it. It was TDF for sure. I also had a Diet Coke which Ray was quick to inform me probably cost the equivalent of 4 US dollars. But I chose to not let that fact mar the enjoyment of the day.

Here they have a saying, "if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes" After having only been here but a short time I can attest to the fact that this is true. You'll notice from the picture above that we left with blue skies. We had determined to go to a place called Malin.As you can see by the time we arrived there it was a torrential down pour. Here we are trying to stay dry and warm. Neverless we continued on and were rewarded when not 5 minutes later the weather changed again and we were able to capture these pictures.

This one is from the top of the hills at Malin Head. Malin Head is the most Northernly part of Ireland.

This next picture is after we had driven down the hill. It was at a little beach area and it was beautiful. The beach was made up entirely of stones and as the water would rush back out into the sea it made the most beautiful noise like thousands of hands clapping with joy. I must admit I joined in and clapped my hands in glee with appreciation for the beauty of this place.

Ray and I have decided to make Saturday's our day of explorations. This country I find myself in is truly beautiful. We had such a perfect day that I can hardly wait for Saturday to come around again. There is much here to be explored and I'm anxious to get started!


Anonymous said...

Your mother was wondering why we haven't heard much from you and now that we know you have been "on tour" she will feel much better about the lack of correspondence and calling. Any news from the embassy? Your sisters are all anxious.


Justin said...

Don't you mean Coca Cola Light?

We actually paid 16 euros for one in Paris...don't know why it's so bloody expensive--you'd think it was enhanced with fairy dust or something.

We miss you!

Justin said...

Woops sorry that I said "bloody" on your website, as that might be offensive to some of your readers...

KA said...

I want to be on that pebble beach right now. Every other 5 minutes I guess.