Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today has been a great day. Lexi, H.B. and I got up this morning and went for a quick run, afterward everyone scattered to do their own last minute Eve things. Syd and Moe had to go to work and Lexi and Aussie took Cam to the airport and Penee and H headed out to see Cliff and do some grocery shopping.

Later on while we waited for Miley to get off work we all sat down and watched "Kung Fu Panda" none of us had ever seen it and we had a great time. Once Miley got home and all had eaten, we re-enacted the nativity-at least the part with Mary and the Donkey, and then Jeff and Pam came over and we talked and carried on some more :)

And now for a few photos-Aussie and Canyon snuggling on the couch

Canyon helping Lex get all gussied up

Canyon clearly has learned a few tricks from Grandpa H.B.

The Donkey takes Mary for a ride to Bethlehem

H.B. just getting warmed up as he tries to out funny his Brother Jeff


lacy lee said...

can't wait to join the fun!!!