Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This last weekend was so wonderful, as most Holidays are :) The fun started Wednesday. The Mayberry's had arrived at 4:30 a.m. I only had to work a half day so as Lacy and Lex jaunted off to do some shopping I took Peeps with me to my house for some one on one Auntie time. It was truly delightful. I haven't had the opportunity to do much of that with her living so far away.

Thursday morning H.B., Lex, Auntie Candy, Meghan, Dave and Myself all convened at the Orem Rec Center. We got all registered and did in fact run our 4 mile "Earn Your Turkey" race. With Dave and Lexi's running coach she whipped all our butts :) But the extra special shout out goes to my Dad and Aunt an unstoppable brother sister duo who proved that no matter what the age they are all about setting goals and accomplishing them. They are truly an inspiration.

(from l-r) Me, Candy, H.B., Lex, Meghan

Followng the race we all headed out to finish our Thanksgiving Dinner preparations. We were fortunate this year to have a wonderful mix of people. We had my Hendrix relatives, Uncle Ken, Jeff and Grandma Hendrix, along with Dave's family the Mayberry's, who are always a delight to be around I do assure you.

Here are some of the men shooting the breeze at my Mom's whilst waiting for some delicious turdey.
(from l-r) Dave, Steve (his bro), H.B., Uncle Ken

After Dinner and clean up we continued the fun over at Auntie Kathleen's house. We had desserts with all the Arnett's and children. It was a madhouse, but definitely in the good way. I love when we can all get together!

(from l-r) Mallory, Sadie, Me

The Shepherd Fam
(from l-r) Jax, Danny, Stacey

Joe and Mallory

A good group of the Arnett clan along with Dave's Mayberry brothers went to a 9:00 p.m. showing of "Australia". I loved this movie! To coin a Cameron phrase it was "Epic". I thought it was so romantic and loved the story. We didn't get out of the movie until 1:30 a.m. I headed home for a 2 hour power nap before leaving my house at 4:15 a.m. to get down to Wal-mart for "Black Friday".

It was crazy busy, busier than I've ever seen it. In all the madness I accidentally bought a Wii. Turns out I thought I was standing in line for Wii games, but when I was handed a console instead I thought maybe it was a sign from heaven ;)

Friday's marathon day continued with Lexi going through the temple for the first time. Quite a few of the Arnett's met at the Provo temple so we could be with her on the very important day. I love you Lex and I'm so proud of you!

Here is a pic of all the extended fam

Here is a pic of the H.B. Arnett fam
(from l-r) H.B., Penee, Lexi, Lindsay, Lacy and Dave

We had such a great time all weekend long. Saturday we did some shopping and met up with some cousins for a little Happy Sumo and hung out at my Mom and Dad's all Saturday night to soak up all the time with the Mayberry clan.

This weekend reminded me how much I love and adore all my family both immediate and extended and I can't wait until Christmas in AZ to spend some more time with my sisters and brother who I haven't seen in awhile and with all my fun AZ cousins1


lacy lee said...

I miss you!!! Thanks for all the good times!

Justin said...

Congrats to Lexie, and congrats to you Linds for the Wii. "Wii" need to get together and play (har, har).