Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pat's Run

I came down to Arizona to get a little new baby time. It just so happens that I arrived in time to be a part of Pat's Run in Tempe on Saturday. Dave and Lacy's family participates in this every year and I think it's a wonderful thing. There were well over 10,000 people there all participating in this 4.2 miles run/walk.

Next year I plan to come back down and run it myself. Here are a few picture highlights.

Just mass ammounts of people getting out and excersising and making a difference.

This was the "extra hydrated" water that was passed out for free to all participants. On of the reps for this brand told Lacy and I that this water was extra hydrated. When we asked him what they put in it extra he replied, "oh, no it's 100% pure water." Extra hydrating indeed!

Just because she's ridiculously adorable.


Anonymous said...

ANd why did we not know you were here or get to see you?

Shoeaddict said...

Oh she IS extra adorable.