Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Honestly, I thought that I would feel different now that I'm an engaged lady. The truth of the matter is that Ray and my relationship has changed very little. I mean sure Sydnee is nicer to him now and I do have a beautiful ring on my finger. But truly except for a few little things we are the same today as we were the day before we got engaged and the day after.

There is actually something really comforting about that.

Now on the the update, we have decided to move forward with the K-1 Visa. This is the one where he leaves the country until the visa process is complete. We are turning in all our paperwork today and are crossing our fingers that maybe we will get a miracle and it won't take quite the full 6-9 months that they are saying.

Meanwhile the plans march on. I have found a dress I love, although I still want to try some on before making a final decision. I found a cake style I love and am currently looking for a photographer and someone to do the decorations at the wedding (whenever that might be).


Justin said...

With regard to decorations, I do some mean bubble letters from my days of poster-making at MVHS. Call me for all your bubble-letter needs.

KA said...

Isn't everyone still just waiting for a picture of the bling?

lacy lee said...

I'm going to have to agree w/ Kristen--find a way to post the pic!

Anonymous said...

I have a pic of the "bling", but can't post.

Lindsay said...

If you email me the pic I can upload it. In fact I'd be happy to :)

Devry said...

um, what dress? why wasn't i informed of this immediately?