Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A little Jaunt

So yesterday I had to fly down to Bullhead City, AZ. I had planned our company party and needed to be there to oversea all the details. My company owns a little single engine Cessna plane, it's a delightful little 4 seater and actually was quite roomy.

When we arrived at the Provo city airport yesterday my boss, Ken Condie asked me if I ever had any sort of motion sickness as there were supposed to be "erratic winds". I have a stomach of iron (or so I thought) so I didn't think it would be a problem.

Turns out what "erratic winds" really means is that your plane will be so tossed around that you will feel at any moment you could potentially plummet to your death. I was able to dampen these feelings of impending doom when I realised that Ken (who was piloting) and Norm (co pilot) still had the controls on auto pilot and were sharing a can of mixed nuts. Certainly not the behavior of people who feel their lives are in jeapordy.

I'm happy to report that the flight back early this morning (6:30 a.m. to be exact)was a dream, no turbulence in sight in fact I slept most of the way. I now can chalk this experience up to an adventure and eagerly anticipate my next trip in the company plane.


KA said...

I can get motion sick just walking out to my car. I don't think I'll be signing up for a jaunt with Ken any time soon.

lacy lee said...

that reminds me of the time Suzy took me up in just such a small plane for my birthday one year. I got totally airsick and she asked me, having forgot motion sickness bags, if I wouldn't mind throwing up in my overalls. Apparently puke on the controls is a big no-no.

Devry said...

I've never been in a small plane. But I'm pretty sure it would terrify me since I really don't like flying in big jets either. But who knows, I did enjoy the helicopter ride I went on and I thought it would freak me out.