Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yesterday in Wal-Mart as I was walking to the check out line, I noticed that they were selling a set of jacks for only 88 cents. I used to love playing jacks as a little girl and couldn't help myself but pick up a set.

Turns out I haven't lost my touch. I cracked them open last night only to find that my coordination and skill came right back to me. I even got Ray to play a few rounds.

So now I'm in a jacks playing mood. I'm calling all comers. Just let me know, I'll bring the jacks and the butt whooping that goes along with it!


KA said...

Well, we had to wait over a week for it, but this was a mighty post indeed. I think Ray should be a bit more discreet, however, lest his rugby buddies discover he's become a big girl's blouse.

Anonymous said...

How about skipping the jacks and just get to the whooping part =:O

lacy lee said...

I think it only right to clarify that I actually bought Lindsay those $.88 jacks. What a good sister.