Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well Then

First things first. I know I am biased but I have the cutest niece. Someone in my family needs to get a digital camera because this pic taken on Sydnee's cell phone is simply not cutting the mustard. Still I think you can clearly see that she is the cutest fairy princess of all time.

Some of you are probably wondering where we are at on the Visa thing. It turns out that even though we are "approved" the process will take a little bit longer. The application still needs to go to a National Visa processing center which is in New Hampshire. From there they issue it a new number and it goes to the London embassy. Once the embassy has it they will issue a packet of information for Ray to fill out. Once that has been filled out and returned they will set up an interview with him. Apparently that interview is really just a double check that all the paperwork is completed and he will get the Visa at that time.

In the meantime Ray and I are sick of being apart and we decided to do something about it! My last day at Condie Construction is November 29th and on December 2nd I move to Northern Ireland! Exciting times to be sure. Ray is currently trying to secure both housing and a car and we are both very excited to finally get to be together. The plan is that I'll move there and then when the Visa is approved we will fly back to Utah and get married here. We are so looking forward to being together and I'm excited for my new adventure in Northern Ireland


Anonymous said...

I miss canny!!!

lacy lee said...

It's no bias: you DO have the cutest niece.