Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Freezing Mist and How I Keep Warm

The temperature here has dropped. It's now -2 celcius. I realise that in Utah it's probably still colder than this but it really is true what they say about cold and Humidity. It does sort of seep into your bones. Here's a picture I took from my bedroom and out the front door yesterday. This would be what is know as Freezing Mist.

Even with this mist and the cold temperatures I still bundled up and walked down to the little market we have in town. I had to get a few items to stuff Ray's stocking with you see.

Although it has been quite cold we manage to keep warm. Here instead of having say central heat, people would use radiators. They are actually quite delightful. We have one in every room of the house and in the halls. What's nice about them is that you can adjust them individually. So I can have the radiator turned off or down in any room that we don't really use. Also this means that I can turn it up say in my bedroom to keep it quite toasty warm. Here is a picture of the radiator in my bedroom in all of it's glory.

Also speaking of my bedroom. Since I arrived here I have been sleeping on an air mattress which was generously supplied by Dr. Ray and Margaret (Ray's parents). It is a deluxe model and I am so grateful just to have had somewhere to sleep. But long term it was not working out. Last weekend Ray and I went to a store just down the road from us know as CFC Interiors. We met with a lovely old 'gent named Stanley who gave us a great deal on a mattress, bed frame and 2 end tables. Here is a picture of my delightfully redecorated room.

Let me just say that last night I had an amazing nights sleep. I also now have a place to put my glasses and my book (and a comfortable place to read at night).

My heart and my back feel happy with this new purchase.

Last bit of news.........The Elder's generously let us come over and borrow their total gym. Let me just say that I feel my muscle's building all ready. I've used it 3 days and it is a wonderful workout. I hope to use it many more days so that I can look AMAZING on my wedding day. More time to get in shape I suppose is a reason to be grateful that we don't have a date yet(Hopefully we will have one by the new year, More on this in another post).


Anonymous said...

If it's so cold, why do you need a refrigerator?

Anonymous said...

Lindsay! I miss you! I am so jealous that you live somewhere so amazing and far away! Even though it is cold who cares! You live in N. Ireland! Merry Christmas!


Kimberly Peine

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Ireland sounds so cozy - maybe the weather might be comparable to the northwest? I loved Seattle's weather when I lived there.

Here's wishing both you and Ray a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please, please keep in touch with us and let me know when the big day is, k?!

P.S. Everything is going great here at Condie! :o) We all miss you lots!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

You are a very difficult woman to keep track of, Linds. VERY DIFFICULT!