Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fridge Space Is At A Premium

It's the first part of week 2 and I am still settling in. We haven't finished painting our living rooom yet. We run and run at a million miles an hour and still don't manage to accomplish every thing we were hoping to. Ray is currently working and I'm just on the computer typing a few IM's and writing this blog entry. As soon as he finishes we will go and hopefully complete the painting in the living room.

I thought I would share a few of the joys that I have discovered living here thus far. The first is the power of the mini fridge. Only here they just call it the fridge. It's the size everyone has and while at first it might seem inconvenient, I'm discovering that actually it can be a delight. I don't think we will have very much food that goes to waste due to the fact that the fridge only holds about 2 meals worth of food. Because this is the case we also have to go shopping pretty much every other day, but it always makes sure that the food is fresh.

Also I can always find everything because you don't have very many places to look. I think we should all downgrade to the Mini. A Mini Fridge revolution should be just what America needs to fight the obesity epedemic. I'm just saying.

The next delight that I have discovered here is the art of the Christmas card. Here everyone exchanges Christmas cards. They don't really write anything in them. They pretty much let the card do the talking. And that is fine by me. Easy to the point. Open up the card and it gives you a little holiday message no reason to embellish. Then one signs ones name. BOOM done.

Case in point. On Sunday Ray was getting mass amounts of Christmas cards. The woman who sat in front of us in Sacrament meeting passed one back for him. Then she realised that she hadn't included my name on the envelope. No stress she simple reached into her bag and gave me a card (Notice that we have two with birds on them). It's genius really. It's like Valentine's Day cards for kids in America. Everyone gets just the card. Although come to think of it they do give candy with the cards. That might be the only thing that could make this tradition more delightful.

Well that's me signing off. I'm just going to run downstairs and have a little pre -painting snack. Something I'll no doubt get out of my Mini fridge whilst looking at my Christmas cards. More later!


Anonymous said...

The thing I love most is that your fridge is built to blend seamlessly with your cabinets. I know you can do this w/ a "standard" fridge but everyone knows it's just your fridge pretending to look like your cabinets because it's so big. Still, I don't know if I'm quite ready to get a mini.

lacy lee said...

My garbage is built into the cabinets like your fridge. I'm a big fan. Keeps the smell at bay.

I have to say, though, that nothing bothers me worse than just the card. My favorite cards are lengthy newsletters. At least send a picture if you haven't got a message! (Although I was too lazy and procrastinative to send any of the above).

Anonymous said...

On the note of Christmas cards I need your address. Just email it to me