Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday

Update from the weekend. The wedding was fabulous! It was so good to see the Hendrix cousins and I'm very happy for the bride and groom.

After the wedding Lex, Syd and I went to Barnes and Noble. I don't know if I'm the only one here but I can spend hours browsing in that store (we did too). It was a delight and I came away with a few gems I'm excited about reading.

B&N was followed by Mimi's Cafe where I enjoyed some delightful spinach tortellini.

Sunday was the usual delights capped off with some delicious Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake in honor of C. Robert Daniels finishing 12th in a triathalon he competed in this weekend. All in all it was a very fun weekend.

But now I look forward to a very happy reunion with the Arnett's. Jeff, Pam and Chad arrive this evening. I'll be glad to spend some time with Chad as he will sorely be missed whilst off to Germany for the 2 years. Also the Auntie Kathleen arrives this evening and I can't wait to have her back from Moscow permanently (HOORAY!!).

Oh the delights soon to be had :)


Justin said...

Happy Monday to you too! So THAT'S what happened to Rob Daniels...

shoeaddict said...

I miss you!!!