Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Jerk at Math table 2060

Yesterday I spent an hour or two at the math lab. I had a few questions about my take home quiz you see. Sadly my questions were of the 7th grade pre-algebra variety.

Like.......how do you factor again? About fractions....what are the rules? And really a million more, arguably dumb ones. I was down to the last problem (and therefore last question). But just couldn't put the flag up on my math 1050 table due to the "jerk" at math table 2060. Mr. big time math smarty pants, progressed from smirking at my first few questions to an out right guffaw (yes I did say guffaw) at my last.

I mean seriously dude....not all of us can be math geniuses. Can't you cut us poor re-entry students a break? Sheesh!


the peine's said...

I HATE Math & I HATE jerks! I would have flipped him off! But we all know that you are a better person that I! Love you Lins. Good luck with Math.

shoeaddict said...

Poor Lindsey! I hate math, too and am hopeless at it.