Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home again, Home again Jigity Jig

Welcome home to Sister Megs! Last night was such a fun time. The entire Walker and Arnold families, Dana, Syd and I all went to Shoots for some Friday night eats. Since Lexi was our server it was as if she was there too.

Megs looks lovely and she is a delight (as always) to be around. I have certainly missed her these past 18 months that she has been away in Canada.

Next to come home will be the Auntie Kathleen. I will spend today getting her basement in tip top shape so that she can be welcomed home with sparkling floors and bathrooms. I can not wait to see her :)

Also on tap for today is the wedding of my Uncle Ken to the lovely and talented Jeannette. We are most excited to welcome her to our family. And I want to take this opportunity to wish them joy.

I'll be sure to post some pics of the event later.


KA said...

Thank you for your most judicious use of the phrase "jigity jig." Delightful indeed.

ld said...

You need to give your clock setting back to the Irish and set your computer clock for MDST.

If you need technical help, go to the expert...HB.

ld said...

PS: I do believe that the judious phrase is spelled with two "ggs".

ld said...