Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been tagged

The assignment is to list 5 unknown facts about me. This could be a tall order as I'm fairly certain that my life is an open book and I can't imagine what one would not know about me. Yet I will press on and do my best.

1. In ninth grade I purposely flirted shamelessly with a fellow peer tutor. Knowing full well that he was starting to like me and I did not like him I still flirted. I then strung him along for a few weeks before breaking his poor heart (he got over it). But still I was traumatized with myself for being capable of willfully and purposely hurting someone in that way.

2. Someday I want to be in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So much so that I've researched (and been freaked out by) what it would take to do so. Let's just say I will need a) a miracle b) a singing tutor c) for Craig Jessop to be suffering from a slight ear infection when I audition. Yet still my dream persists.

3. I sometimes pretend to be better or know more about things than I actually do. It's a combination of A.S.S. and oldest child syndrome.

4. I listen to ESPN radio, NPR and other talk radio shows whilst all the time making fun of others for listening to talk radio (especially my father). It's a total guilty pleasure.

5. I love slightly racy teen trash dramas. I know I shouldn't I know they are inappropriate and I am frequently appalled at my self and yet I have not been able to overcome my weakness. Latest show I'll be pretending not to watch (while secretly not missing an episode). Gossip Girl on the the new CW.

Tagged...........Lacy Eloise


Justin said...

Fascinating, and I've known you ever since I was your first kiss back at age 4 or 5.

Consequently, that's the most interesting thing I could conjure up about myself.

shoeaddict said...

You are a little tartlette... an undercover tartlette

wendy said...

amazing... you're a blogging fiend! I don't check your blog for a few days and you've gone haywire.

Katie said...

I too like the trash teenage dramas, mine is One Tree Hill. The CW just sucks you in.

jennie said...

Well.. I'm proud to say that I'm over my trashy drama (WICKED, WICKED GAMES) and I will forever be embarrassed that it occupied so much of my time. Just out of curiousity... what does A.S.S. stand for?

Unknown said...

All I can say is, you are delightful!!
When the day comes that you head to SLC hoping for the "dream", let me know, I'll be your backup singer!