Friday, September 14, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

At the suggestion of Penee's good friend Xanthe I went to the Utah Wellness Center recently. From previous post you know that getting the blood drawn was a bit traumatic.

Yesterday I had a follow up appt to discuss the findings of the tests. They tested all sorts of things like insulin levels, thyroid function, estrogen and progesterone levels, adrenal gland function etc.

I have not been feeling quite "right" for some time now. Two years ago at the suggestion of my doctor I had a thyroid test done and was told I was just borderline underactive. Since that time I've had increased trouble sleeping, hair loss, dry skin, and other complaints (I will spare you all the details).

The good news from the tests is that I'm not pre diabetic. I have good Cholesterol and am for the most part healthy.

The hormone part of the tests showed that I produce way to much Estrogen and not enough progesterone. So I was given a progesterone cream. Also that my adrenal glands aren't functioning very well so I was told to continue using the multi-vitamins I am already taking.

Then she said that my thyroid function was low. Just the T3 and DHEA parts (apparently your thyroid is a multi part) so she gave me a small dose of thyroid and some DHEA.

Finally (and this was the worst part for me) she recommended that I get a B complex injection once a week for a month. This was injected right into my backside (which was a little less than delightful).

Basically I don't really know what all the above mumbo jumbo means really. But I sure do hope it makes me feel better :)


shoeaddict said...

I am so mad at you! How could you not tell me this when I've been telling you everything?

Why wouldn't you tell me?