Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marathons are Hard Work

Don't let anyone tell you different. It take a lot of preparation both to participate.....special shout outs to Dana, Lacy and Brent! But it also takes a lot of effort to be a marathon supporter. I'd like to pay tribute to both special groups on my blog today.

First is where the two groups are the same. Both have to get up ridiculously early (ok, maybe the runners 5:00 a.m time slot was a little more grueling than the supporters 7:00 a.m wake up call but early is still early)

Here is Lex preparing for the big day.

And here I am gearing up

Now obviously the stars of the show were the three runners. I wish we would have snapped some photos of Brent, but sadly we missed him running by. We only have our two lovely Arnett ladies in all their glory!

Here is Dana and Lac just finishing up 18 miles.....yes I said 18. On their way to 8.2 more. Way to go! You guys looked outstanding considering the distance ran!
The supporters thought their efforts at the over half way point should be documented as well. Here is a shot of the supporters in all their 18 mile mark glory.....

Never let it be said we don't know how to support in style. (Lindsay, Devry, Ryan and Mallory)

We then made our way down to the finish line. So we could do our supporter duty and cheer on our amazing runners. We missed Brent crossing......again. But luckily Dave snapped a photo it can be found over on Lacy's Blog.

But I did capture a sweet pic of the ladies finishing up their amazing day with amazing effort. Seriously I am so proud of you guys! What a wonderful accomplishment. Lacy, Dana you are my heroes!!


Shoeaddict said...

Wow! That's awesome. I love your hair. You look so pretty ;)

Anonymous said...

While I am impressed with Dana, Lacey and Brent, I am more impressed with the entire family that finished just ahead of Lacey and Dana. Something to shoot for guys.

shoeaddict said...

Hey, I got a new computer and lost my email address so can you email me?

I need to ask you a question. Do you drink Crystal Lite? Does it have caffeine?

ld said...

I must confess. You guys are the biggest athletic supporters that I have ever seen.

Katie said...

You are hilarious Lins! Looks like all involved had a wonderful time. Wish I was there!

Justin said...

I love the treats you fans are all packing on your way to support the runners, who would have probably given their little toe for just one of those powdered donuts.