Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Renewed Love of the Library

I have a love affair with books. It's been going on for years at least since I was 11 and Sunny and I would get dropped off at the mall where we would each buy a Nancy Drew mystery, read said mystery and then swap. Twice the fun!

I've obviously loved the Library before. One of my requirements before agreeing to move to Ireland was that I could have my OWN library card (I didn't want to have to rely on others for library privileges). My one bid for independence whilst there.

I don't know what it is but I often forget the delights a library can hold. Especially for a girl on a budget. Ever since purchasing my Condo at the beginning of this year I'm always looking for ways to shave a few dollars off the old budget. Since books are about as necessary to my life as air I decided to give the Library another whirl.


Not feeling guilty for not finishing a book if it's lame. I always feel guilty when said book is purchased.

Trying different genres and books I might not otherwise have tried.

"Shopping" online. This basically means you look at their selection online and put a book on hold, then someone else pull the books off the shelf for me so all I have to do is pick them up (am I the laziest person ever?!?!)

Reading too much......I love getting engrossed in a great story!


Having to be "wait listed" I lack patience and don't always enjoy waiting for things including books I want to read.

Reading to much......Is it my JOB to personally read every book the library holds? I only wish it were.

Did I mention that the library also rents movies for a dollar. Lex and I enjoyed another viewing of "Bleak House" in this manner, which was a delight I do assure you.

If any of you need a library buddy, you now know whom to contact. Or better still if you have another activity that doesn't involve reading that might be best. My eyes could use the rest.


Shoeaddict said...

yet another reason i wish we lived closer. our library is not so great...

what book(s) do you recommend? what are you reading?

the peine's said...

Jordan I am sure would love a libary buddy. I'm not such a lover of the libary. So anytime you come up to SLC he would love to go!

Julie said...

I love the library. I look forward to my weekly visits all week! Especially when I get to put things on reserve and there they are, cute as can be, just waiting for me. Are you reading anything you love, I can always use a good recommendation! I know it is random for me to get in touch with you again over the library, but I couldn't resist. It has been a very long time, and I hope you are doing well. Drop me a line when you get a minute, I would love to hear from you. Julie (Garriott) Baker

Anonymous said...

I have my own personal library although it is small and has an exaust fan in the ceiling next to the light. I use it regularly although not as much as your father.

Lindsay said...


Welcome I'm so glad you found my blog. I'll definitely drop you a line it would be good to catch up.


I wish you live closer as well :(

For you both I've been reading a lot of different things but some are:

Kings of Infinite Space-James Hyne

Truck: A Love Story- Michael Perry

Dresden Files (a series of books)- by Jim Butcher

I want to read

Stardust-Neil Gaiman

The Tiger in The Well-Phillip Pullman

Audition: A Memoir-Barbara Walters

and some other delights

The MacMizzles said...

I take my 3 and 1 year old to the Library weekly. I love to read as well. But right now, with the blessing of owning an Ipod and being introduced to the digital world of listening delight; I have also found the beauty in renting CD's. There is so much good music out there, why stop at just reading and watching. :)

Justin said...

The Orem Public Library is so great...I've kept my old blue library card there even though I haven't been an Orem resident for nearly four years (shhh, don't tell!).