Friday, September 05, 2008

Random updates

It's been awhile since I posted and I thought I'd share some of the random end of summer fun I've been having.

As you all know I'm not what one would call "outdoorsy". This summer I've had the opportunity to camp quite a bit, and I've found that with the right pad to sleep on and some good company camping can be rather delightful.

Here is a pic of my view whilst enjoying a good fire.

Here is my friend Christine and I. Like I said good friends make all the difference to a fun camping trip.

A week or so I also got invited to a "sleep-over" in a friends back yard. The only thing that could have made this more fun, was if they had a trampoline to sleep on. Then we could have done it old school, like when we were 12.Camping, with all the comforts of home. I love having real "facilities".

Other fun has taken place this summer. Lexi's good friend Mallory got married, Lexi was the best bridesmaid ever. She got a tan that made us all wonder what might have been if HB would have married a Latina ;)No guys, it's not the Latin Oprah.......It's Lex

I've also still been running and doing a lot of hiking. I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

Jaree and I up Rock Canyon

Carol and I...same place

I've tried new foods....hello pink filipino delciousness
Jaree, my guide to all things Filipino

All in all it's been a truly fantastic summer. Filled with good food, friends and scenery. I hope the fall turns out to be just as fantastic!


Unknown said...

I was gonna ask where you been. But now I know. :)

the peine's said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I want to try Filipino food! Soon?

shoeaddict said...

How fun! You look great. I miss you but I'm so glad that you are having a great time.

Love to you!