Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Happs

Here is what I've been up to using pictures that I did not take that are not of me (as my camera is currently broken)

 I sold my condo and moved to Auntie Candy's and Uncle Lance's for a few months and now back out on my own. Thanks Auntie and Unk for opening your home to me!!

I bought a beach cruiser a while back and it's the best purchase I've ever made.  I'm on that thing most nights just cruisin' around ringing my bell at all the rando's I pass along the way

Went floating the green river with some great friends in a 2 man inflatable kayak.  Wind and rainstorm not withstanding we had an excellent day floating and running a few rapids.

 More and more biking.  Love that bike, can't get enough.

Last weekend hosted a bonfire in H.B.'s back field had around 50 or 60 peeps there.  Hoping to do more of those as it was crazy fun times.

Just bought this product yesterday and it is indeed the miracle mascara that everyone claims it is.  I had to buy a baby one and get on a wait list for a full size from Sephora but after applying it this morning it's totes worth it.

It's called They're Real and it will make your eyelashes look like this--------

Next time look for updates on Boston and let's be serious probably more ranting about biking.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Iron Man in 6 Days

Pray for me!

I've decided to complete an Iron (wo)man. I'm giving myself 6 days to do so. That means that every day this week I will be:

Running -4.37 Miles
Biking- 19 Miles
Swimming -7 laps

I think this will be both the most challenging thing I have ever done physically and extremely invigorating. So, if you need me....look for me at the gym. I'll be living there this week.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

When a princess has a barbie birthday

This is what happens......

You start by having barbie cake with your best friends.

Grandma and Grandpa get you a killer kitchen set. After you make a few calls.......

You and your bestie check it out thoroughly.

Every princess needs a magic mirror. This one reminds you that "You are as pretty as a princess". Not that you were ever in any danger of forgetting!

Let's get you a blow out so you are ready for your closeup! That birthday girl sure is a giver. She wants to make sure everyone looks good for her big day.

A little lipstick finishes things off nicely.

Happy Birthday Canyon!

A Few Degrees Cooler Than The Traditional Red Hot 4th

In Idaho Falls the temps were cooler but the fireworks seemed hotter! It was such a great time. Thanks to the Hardman's and the Brijs's for hosting what I hope, becomes a least an every other year tradition. And now for the pictures.

We started out at the parade. Just me Canyon and Penee. Canyons favorite things included the Tigers, the poms (a high school mascot and it's corresponding cheerleaders).
After some post parade, holiday naps we met up with the Larry Arnett's and Brijs family's for some delicious TGI Fridays. We had the very best server they had. It was a nice way to see Miley for a bit while she was at work.

Here is one half of the table

And the otherThe resident 4th of July photographer

As usual it was the kids who had the most fun.

Following lunch Penee and I took all the kids back to the Hardmans where they played for awhile and then we took them down to the river.
They were excited for some river time. But even if they hadn't been.....do kids ever walk anywhere? No? I didn't think so.
The girlies had fun throwing rocks and twigs into the river.
Even though there were lots of people down by the river we all felt super safe as we brought along our personal ninja for protection.

Our marathon day continued as we switched venues to the following.
This was our view for the delicious dinner, symphony and fireworks that night.

What's the 4th with out some ice cream.....

Some Dancing......

and a little flag waving.

Happy 4th of July all!

Chucky Cheese

Remember when Austin had the job to dress up as Chucky to the delight (I'm sure) of all the children everywhere?!?! Good times.
Anyway.....Miley, Aaron and family came down to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Whilst they were here we thought we would jaunt of to the CC while I was on my lunch break. Here are some of the highlights.

Balloon rides

Fun with Dragons

Brother loved the creepy animatronic robots.

All in all a most excellent day at the Cheeser!

Grandma Dorothy's 80th Birthday Extravaganza

(art work by Aaron)
We had a birthday blowout to honor Grandma Hendrix on June 26th. Penee put a lot of planning and work into the whole affair. It turned out wonderfully. Lots of great food, family and other delights.

(Cake by Candy)

What would we do without Auntie Candy and her mad cake skills. She simultaneously made this cake and designed and executed an award winning float for her Granddaughter. Could she be any more amazing?!?! Me things not.

Grandma got to hold court (that's her in the beautiful pink jacket) with her sister, who came all the way from Montana to celebrate with her.

There was eating

Shuffle board playing (as befitting an 80th b-day party)

There were tributes of singing, poetry and mostly lots and lots of love.

Happy birthday Grandma Dorothy! We love you.

5 months

The title is derived from an IM I got from cousin Ryan taking me to task for my woeful neglect of this blog. He said that I have been doing lots of things (and he's not wrong) that could be blogged about.

5 months however is just too long to sum up. So instead all I can do is just move forward. Which I promise to do. I further promise an abundance of pics. So get excited Peeps!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Some things just seem to light you up from the inside. I've had a few of those things lately. I guess having a birthday tends to do that to you. These are just a few things from my birthday week that brought me large amounts of joy.

The way Rob wrapped my birthday present. This is so my style, in both content and looks.

My friends boyfriend TK singing, "Crazy In Love". He out Beyonce'd Beyonce. Close second was B and Teek singing all the "lady duets". Awesome, simply awesome.

Birthday Crowns.....'nough said!

Jules and her red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These babies are to die for!

If this is any indication about how 2010 is going to be then clearly it will be the best year ever.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Make it work.

When I was 17/18 I was asked to be in the "Dairy Princess Pageant". Since then as now I
a) can't say no.....
b) am always up for a new experience...

I said yes. I've never been what one would call a fashion plate. As a child and pre-teen I just let Penee pick out my clothes. What did I care what I put on? By high school I had more of an opinion, but in general I was just a lazy shopper. I remember needing a formal dress for the pageant and going with Penee to find one.

I hated this dress. We looked at many different dresses and Penee loved this one. From equal parts not having the energy to fight and being too lazy to continue on to find a more promising gown, this is what we went with.

Here's the thing, I made this dress work. It's not that the dress doesn't have a certain charm. Just ask "Thoroughly Modern Millie", it's eerily similar to her wedding dress, that is if you wear the shoulder puffs as a hat......but I digress.

I just decided to work with what I had. I pretended like I was the prettiest girl at the ball with the prettiest dress. The truth is, but for a botched answer about the recommended daily serving of milk (the USDA said 4, the dairy council disagreed with 6). That actual princess title could have been mine!

Life for me sometimes seems to be like this pageant. There seems to be a lull and then a build up to what seems like a "big" event. The event ends up being just a brief moment really, although it doesn't always feel that way at the time. Sometimes I'm not completely in love with the pieces of myself that I've brought to the event. I usually find that I wish I'd prepared better, or done something different that would make me better in the situation. Unfortunately time doesn't stop for me to get more prepared, or for me to be a more perfect version of myself.

Regardless of my level of preparation or lack thereof, I get to decide how I will handle each challenge. Will I just dwell on all that I don't have or will I take what I do have and make of it the best it can be? I take comfort in the fact that unlike with the pageant, one failed answer doesn't stop me from becoming the Princess in my own life.

I think I'm going to try to channel my inner Dairy Princess and decide that in my life I will "Make it work".

Eat your heart out Tim Gunn.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Idaho. You remind me of the babe......

I went to Idaho this weekend. Still here actually, I've been playing with baby Pierce (who Canyon insists is named Ace). Here is a photo montage of what we've been up to.

*Special shout out to the Brijs's for letting me crash at their home. It's beautiful and amazing! Thanks a million guys!

Me and Pierce. Notice how Penee looks ready to kick back and enjoy herself a little. She deserves a little relaxation!

Mommy and baby. Canyon kept asking Miley if her baby sister is in her (Miley's) tummy. Keep on dreaming kid......maybe some day.

Man of the hour, and man is he adorable.

How is Canyon holding up? I'm glad you asked. She's keeping her spirits up tolerably, with mass amounts of playing "Princess".........


......Forcing Aunt Linny to eat fake food.

She does arts and crafts. Painting.....

Picking her own cool animal paper.

Modge Podge-ing

Modeling her finished product.

Love these kids and I'll be so sad when the fun has to end and Penee and I head home tomorrow. At least I get an extra hour of sleep tonight to soften the blow.

Let us conclude with a gratuitous pic of Pierce in all of his cuteness.