Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Enchanted-I really was

This movie started out just like any other great Disney movie. In animated form with the hero and heroine about to meet. At this point I thought I was in so much trouble because I had dragged my father to this and I had visions of him poking his eye out.

But from the moment it went live action it in every way lived up to it's name. Enchanted indeed.

Amy Adams was so sincere in a role that just made me want to be nicer to everyone. The comedy was spot on. When she sings for some animal friends to come and help her in real life the only ones available in New York City are vermin. They do in fact heed her call and it makes for a very funny part in the movie. The movie just felt so sincere. I loved every minute from start to finish. I say run don't walk to partake of this lovely movie. I would definitely add it to my collection and plan on seeing it again this very week!


the peine's said...

Really?!!? Good to know. I had no desire to see this movie. Now I am leaning the other way! I will see it and then we can discuss!

shoeaddict said...

Awww! Now I want to see it even more. :)

Justin said...

OK I saw it last night, and it was very cute. I wouldn't say it's the best-movie-ever type of cute, but it was at least *** worth.