Monday, November 12, 2007

This Weekend

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending Wendy Allen's baby shower. She and Justin
are having a baby girl here in a month or so. Connie, her girls and Daughter-in-law all made some delicious Danish pancakes, bacon and sausage for the party. See how happy Kristen (the Daughter-in-law) and I look both to be there and to partake of the deliciousness?

After the fun party I went to check out a few Condos. For those of you who don't know I'm thinking about buying a place. Just something very modest, but it's still very scary!

Also Canyon Rose leaves today to go up to Idaho to be with her Hardman Grandparents and her own parents. Because we probably won't get to see her until maybe Christmas I took some photos of the mischievous little imp.

Here she is performing her favorite activity, rifling through my purse (she knows I always have gum).

Here's a cute one of her and aunt Lex.

Happy Monday everyone!!


KA said...

Who doesn't love a crepe? And IMP is the most perfect word.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean MY purse.. I should have known better than to leave a basket of my things in the closet while im out of state.

shoeaddict said...

What?? I have not heard that news. Congrats to Justin and Wendy! I really hope you find a great condo.

shoeaddict said...

I gave you an AWARD! Come check it out at my blog.

Justin said...

Thanks, Linds, for the lovely CDs and CD player for our little unnamed princess.