Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When April Fool's Goes Horribly Awry

Yesterday as you know was April Fool's Day. I'm sure many a joke was perpetrated to great effect. However there was one turn of events, thought to be a joke that was not all that funny.

I have been interviewing with a company in SLC for an Accounts Payable position. I met with the manager of the department on Friday and was called back for a second interview yesterday. I told me current employer that I would be taking an extra long lunch as I had an appointment in SLC. I headed up and met with the Controller and CFO. The interview went well and I was asked if they could contact my current employer. I asked them to wait until the following day because I hadn't filled my current employer in on my interviews. They said they would wait to contact.

I arrived back at work and got engrossed in what I was doing, around 4 ish I hear someone buzz my boss and tell him that Trish with -the company I interviewed with- was on the phone and could he take the call. He did and his side of the conversation sounded like this....." yep, uh huh, excellent....hmmm, sure!"

When he got off the phone and came over to my desk I said, "I was going to talk to you about this today. They were not supposed to call you until tomorrow." He said to me, "your friend didn't do a very good job of keeping the joke up, by the end she was laughing, good April Fool's joke but I'm not falling for it."

Ummm......Como?!?!? NOT and April Fool's joke (although mental note to self to keep that in the bank for future). It took me a full 5 minutes to convince him that in fact I had been interviewing with the company and that it was not a joke.

So good times and some not good times. Unintentionally one of the best April Fool's laughs I've had in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was some April Fools joke. Is your friend still your friend? That was bordering on just plain mean.

KA said...


So did said SLC company offer you the job??

Justin said...

Wow that's rotten luck. Just from a legal perspective, I believe that your would-be employer can actually get into trouble for contacting your current employer without your permission, even if it was just one day early.

Hopefully your current employer is as understanding as he sounds.

Lindsay said...

Brian- Unfortunately it wasn't a friend of mine, but the actual employer....Yikes!

KA- haven't heard back from them yet. Clearly they were checking references and I'm thinking I'll hear something today.

J-I do have a pretty understanding boss and we had a good talk about the whole thing including some of the reasons that I'm looking. So hopefully all is well.

Ryan Brijs said...

That is rad!

the peine's said...

Opps! So does he believe you know!?