Saturday, July 19, 2008

H.B.'s 60th Birthday Bash

H.B.'s weekend o' fun started when Syd, Lacy and Peeps surprised him by arriving Friday night. I for one am so glad that they did because there was so much to do to get ready that I never could have made it without their two sets of extra hands. Thanks ladies!

Here's Lacy and Grandma helping with the set up

These are our fun golf themed centerpieces

The amazing cake Aunt Candy made. Notice the golf ball to the right. That's cake too!

H.B.'s limited edition trading card. Courtesy of Ryan Brijs productions. Thanks again Ry!

A view from the back. All of H.B.'s "stats"

The decorations-theme.........H.B. through the years

Lance taking a trip down H.B.'s memory lane.

The people enjoying the party

Candy and H.B.-cutting the cake

Me, My Dad and of course the Dr.

Most of the Fam-Me, Sydnee, Dad, Mom, Canyon, Lexi, Lacy and Penelope (we missed you Austin and Miley!!)

This is all Canyon had left in her by the end of the day

Luckily Peeps still felt the love

I hope you had a fun party Dad. I love you, Happy Birthday (early)


cs said...

Linds, you did an incredible job organizing this party. It was a lovely event. Loved the theme, decorations, football trading card, food, and especially the touching and sweet tributes you and your siblings gave in honor of your Dad. He is a great guy and you are a credit to him.

Arnett's said...

You are so awesome for doing all of that!! I love the square plates, where did you get all of them?

Whitney said...

The party was amazing. I loved the centerpieces, cake, football card, and all the pictures. Everything was so put together and it looked wonderful. You did a great job, and I am glad we could be there to help celebrate!

wendy said...

I heard this was the event of the year! Way to go! I wish we were invited:)

wendy said...
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Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone. It was a lot of fun planning and I only wish we could have had all our AZ Relly's with us as well.

I rented all the place settings, linens etc from a fantastic place just up the road from my parents, Diamond Rental :)

the peine's said...

Looks like a very fun party! You look great Lindsay! Let's play soon!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I got my copy of the football card. First off, props to Ryan Brisddzd-scsazaaassssdsjjskjlsdizzle. I will be posting my football heroics on my blog shortly and waiting for my football card. Also, just for the record, HB got caught from behind on that run by a really chubby lineman from Calexico. Cliff and I got a real kick out of seeing the card because we both remember HB's only long gainer and that was it. Amazing Ethel took that photo, because it only happened once. So, I called HB to ask him about the party. Lindsay, he was truly touched. Not in the 5th grade report card way, either. It kind of makes things worth it when your kids do something like this. Great job. But, just fair warning for HB, my football photos are soon to be going up on my blog. After all, I am the only college scholarshipped athlete in the family and unless Pierce gets one to the UofA, I always will be.

Justin said...

What a great party; you did a great job by the looks of it.

Love your haircut, by the way.

jennie said...

What a cute party! Good work you party planner! You look fab!