Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally Finals

Tonight is my last final of the semester. And yes I'm freaking out just a wee bit. I took my health final on Wednesday evening. I thought that I had until Saturday to take it, but after reviewing the syllabus turns out that Tuesday was the last day to take the final. So I only got an 84% on the final but I'm taking that score with gratitude. Hopefully it won't bring me to far down overall.

Tonight is the Math final (hence the freaking outedness). I'm as prepared as I can be so I need to just be good with that.

Updates and Highlights:

Update: FINALLY got my copy of Eclipse. Ok, ok I actually got it on Wednesday afternoon. But it's like a frenzy here over this book. I heard the guy on the phone at Borders say to someone, "yes, we have quite a few copies of Eclipse.....around 300. I would imagine they would last another 30 minutes to an hour." Like I said......Frenzy.

Highlight: Just got an email from Devry asking me if I minded picking her up from the airport tomorrow night. Hmm let me check my schedule..........Hello!?!?! Obviously I will be going to get her. I'm just thrilled she is coming, can't wait to see her. I've missed her lots and lots since I last saw her in January!

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I admire you , school in the summer is hard. Good for you for going to school, you will never regret it. When my self esteem is down, I think at least I graduated from college. You can get discouraged but DO NOT give up. You are to be admired for your acomplishments.