Sunday, January 27, 2008


Lexi and Syd

Today is my twinsies birthday. 20 years ago today they were born. I can remember that I was in the 5th grade and everyone in my class was so excited that my Mom was having twins. Because we knew that they were both girls and had named them both in advance there were fights in the 5th grade classroom. Each of my friends had picked a twin that was "theirs".

They have truly brought so much joy and fun to our family. They keep all of us on our toes constantly.

Sydnee has such a great wit. She is so funny and constantly keeps me laughing. I miss her being so far away in the wilds of New York.

Lex is equally delightful with her pleasing personality and way with hair ;) how could we do without getting Lexified!

I love you both and hope you have a very Happy Birthday!


jennie said...

I'll never forget when the new babies came home! Syd was always in pink, Lexie was always in purple. I loved those babies!

Shuldberg Family said...

Last time I saw the twins they were babies. Crazy!